The crisis of overproduction of extremism in the U.S.


From the beginning, the police and intelligence services of the United States detained hundreds of teenagers who were planning terrorist attacks, massacres and other extremist actions.

"Nine times out of ten young people turn to extremists under the weight of the pressing and intractable problems — says psychologist Chris Layton of the Centre for troubled teens. — Humiliation of peer conflicts with parents, problems in communicating with the opposite sex, drug addiction — all this makes young people imbued with the ideology of hatred. "

Let us consider the most "colorful" juvenile extremists of the year. Thus, the 17-year-old Jared Cano of Tampa (FL) planned a series of explosions in the school, as well as the killing of the hated classmates and teachers.

As found in the house of Kano manifest intelligence agencies have found several anti-government statements.

"This damn country, led by criminals, will soon be shedding tears — he wrote. — I hate America and I'm going to perform the feat Eric and Dylan. They are the only people I respected. "

We explain that referred to in the manifesto of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold — the organizers of the bloody massacre in Columbine school. Some overly liberal media tried to see them as "cornered adolescents", which led to the glorification of teenage killers.

Cano kept in his house timers, shrapnel and catalysts for the manufacture of bombs, as well as extremist literature and video tutorials to commit acts of terrorism.

In conversations with friends, he called himself "the arbiter of human judges" and "ruthless judge."

Another extremist, 15-year-old Chris Helms from Sokasti (South Carolina), had planned to kill the hated school teacher, as well as blow up the student campus. They managed to hold together with a backpack stuffed with weapons.

Helms loved to read Nazi literature, as well as a collector of documentary records of torture and executions. "Chris has always enjoyed the human pain and suffering — friends talking about him. — He was a sadist. Sophisticated and extremely cruel. "

In his diaries, Helms wrote that he dreamed of becoming a supervisor in a German concentration camp. "It is a pity that mankind has invented a time machine — he philosophized. — I was born to work in Nazi Germany. "

The court sentenced Helms to 6 years in prison. Criminal lawyer tried to appeal the verdict, saying that his client "is only 15 years, but apparently he looks 10 years", but the judge and the prosecutor did not regret a minor extremist.

Coeval Helms John Doe (not his real name due) from the town of Ellicott City (MD) joined the terrorist movement thanks to the Internet. For several months, he had a conversation with a woman by the name of Jihad Jane. Dow promised to get money for terrorist attacks "to avenge this country for its indifference."

Dow so professionally prepared for attacks that security agencies were worried about its possible popularity among the radical youth. Journalists are categorically forbidden to conduct its investigations and publish photographs of the young villain.

Despite the increase in the number of lone extremists among teenagers, the number of organized extremist groups in the United States reduced every year. And this should give credit to special services.

One of the main tasks of school employees — to closely monitor the behavior, speech and interests of each individual teenager. Thus, the reason for the large-scale search apartments 14-year-old Dave A. from Virginia became the image of Hitler on display cell phone. This photo Dave scared of their peers.

15-year-old Maggie L. from Connecticut came to the police station after it had promised to cut his classmate's head for his love for President Obama and the Democratic Party.

17-year-old Isaac D. from California, was summoned to the police with their parents for extremist slogans on the cover of the notebook. It turned out that these slogans — not the thoughts of Isaac, and the phrase from the text of the musical group Slipknot.

In my opinion, the biggest mistake of juvenile extremists is the statement that "all the fault of video games, Hollywood and popular culture." This is often spoken of as separate, independent psychologists, and the whole government departments.

Games and movies, no doubt, can strengthen extremist sentiments in each individual teen, but they can not create them completely. Normal people will not go to shoot the passengers at the airport under the influence of the controversial game Modern Warfare, and abnormal can do it without the game.

Specializes in working with difficult teenagers Carl McGinley of Texas believes that extremists children are due to improper methods of education:

"I knew a guy who was inspired by the ideas of Hitler only because of the hatred of school teachers and school sadists. The first called for him to be kind, patient, honest and law-abiding. Second mocked him as we could. The guy could not fight back a second because it was contrary to the instructions first. As a result, he was confused. "

Such "entangled" in the tens of thousands of American schools. Children do not know who to believe, because the reality is markedly different from calls to follow the principles of goodness and compassion.

For example, a frustrated 15-year-old suicide Marco M. from Florida, who is serving a five-year prison sentence, was sympathetic to Iraqi insurgents after seeing the infamous photos from Abu Ghraib. "I was terrified — he recalls. — The day we were told about the peacekeeping mission of U.S. troops in Iraq. We are proud of America called. And now this. I understand that teachers are lying to us … "

Many of the juveniles extremists, it should be noted, were considered exemplary school students. Teachers celebrated their kindness, honesty and integrity. However, under the influence of the reality they are "broken" and radically changed their views.

"If we encourage children to combat discrimination, we need to talk more about slavery — continues McGinley. — It is necessary for children to open the most terrible pages of American history. Teachers should have the right to talk about the mistakes that made our president and our military. Instead — empty words about freedom of speech, equality, mutual aid. At first, the children believe all this, but sooner or later they originate doubt and the feeling that they are being deceived … "

In support of the words McGinley can cause the recent scandal with books by Kurt Vonnegut, who had been seized, but then still returned to the school library. The reason for the ban was the fact that the literature could get the kids to think in the "wrong" direction. Vonnegut's thoughts were markedly different from school promoting "freedom, respect and equality."

Summarizing all the above, I want to note that one of the main causes of teenage extremism — the discrepancy theory, which imposes the educational system and practices with which teenagers face on the street and in the home. Caught between these two completely opposite poles, the children begin to look for an outlet, which sometimes leads them into a completely dead end …


First, over the past 2 — 3 years the U.S. military has repeatedly fell into the news reports because of their body to detect Nazi tattoos, posing on a background of the flag of Nazi Germany, wearing T-shirts White Power (these are usually worn by skinheads), neglect of Muslim tradition and the t . § Second, the number of mentally ill veterans has reached historic highs.

Every day, ex-soldiers commit suicide and use weapons against others. Nothing of the kind in the United States was not even after the completion of the Vietnam War (1957 — 1975).

The country's leadership, of course, doing everything possible to negative information about current and former military personnel as may be less likely to get into the press. The reason is clear: the army — the face of the country, so most people should assume that the soldiers are fighting terrorism and defending democratic values, and do not go crazy and shoot neighbors, co-workers and simply bystanders.

Meanwhile, even the military believe that extremist views are formed in the army.

"A person who has served several years in the army and had been in trouble spots, sooner or later begins to think about the policy of double standards — wrote on the forum a worker of the U.S. Army, who wished to remain anonymous. — On the one hand, we constantly talk about patriotism and equality between people. On the other hand, forced to kill and blow up or withhold information. A lot of guys hate Muslims. But even more troops hates the U.S. government … "

If you dig in the biographies of Page, McVeigh and Hasan, it can be quite simple conclusion: at some point in the life of their ideological views deadlocked. Lack of understanding of the world was transformed into a desire to do something terrible. As a result, innocent people suffered.

"The Army rests on ideas of racial or ethnic superiority, but nobody dares to talk about it openly, — says a former member Jay M. of Florida. — Driven by extremist sentiments guys better follow orders, better take exams in physical training and shooting. They are obsessed. And it strengthens the hand command. "

The ideological component in the formation of the army have long been of human rights issues. Many young people went into the army, guided by feelings of patriotism and civic duty, and returned evil, frustrated and desperate people.

"More than anything in the army lucky people who had a hard finished high-school and have no interest in politics — says a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, William S. — They unquestioningly obey orders, pulling the trigger assault rifle, and returned after the job in part beginning to consider pornographic magazines. They never did and do not analyze. They are all happy. "

Anonymous surveys of former soldiers who have returned to civilian life in 2000-2010 showed that 80% believe in the army failed. Almost half of them disappointed "by what he saw, heard and experienced."

And there is no doubt that the public about the service in a modern army would learn a lot more if not for a non-disclosure clause in the contracts of recruits. By law, they can be brought before a military tribunal for even minor criticism of army life.

Human rights activists are very concerned that extremists like Page, McVeigh and Hassan in the near future will be much greater.

First, the number of veterans who keep firearms at home is increasing year by year (today there are about 75% of the total number who visited hot spots).

Secondly, among the veterans observed record high unemployment. Government and state programs do not produce the desired result. Former fighters businessmen do not need. They lack the skills, and they are often in depression. Moreover, employers are increasingly do not trust the former soldiers and officers. As a consequence, the high level of crime among people with military past.


Suicides took first place in the ranking of causes of violent death, and a third of the working population suffers from depression. The situation is saved only antidepressants.

According to the CDC, about 11% of all residents over the age of 12 years or more than 30 million people take medications for depression! This disease is especially common among women: 23% of American women aged 40 to 50 years of age suffer from chronic depression and had to resort to using drugs.

About a third of the working population is under stress, and in the case of the young (and busiest) workers aged 18-33 years the level of load on the mind reaches such proportions that half (!) Are experiencing sleep problems! To combat stress, many of them resort to the bottle: up to 28% of young people have actually become alcoholics …

And where there are particularly large load, and where alcohol and antidepressants — not an option, the situation translates into a splash of suicides.


Extremist groups (skinheads, neo-Nazis, members of various "churches" ultra-right-wing, racist type of Christian identity, anarchists, militant defenders of animals) have long paid attention to the domestic prison as an ideal place for recruitment to new members. Choosing the correct, because it is in prison easier to meet people offended by the state and society, from which they were isolated. With skillful handling of ex-cons get a reliable allies, finished after the release of the torture chambers to become active participants in subversive and anti-government groups.

Appeal to Islam and the recruitment of convicted Islamic terrorist organization until recently, there has been widespread in U.S. prisons. Such cases can be counted on one hand. As an example, the well-known personality — Puerto Rican Jose Padilla, who was arrested in 2002 on charges of trying to blow up the U.S. so-called "Dirty bomb» ("dirty bomb"). A member of the gang "Latin Kings", who had several previous convictions, he was converted to Islam in the mid 90-ies of the last century, then joined the "Al-Qaeda".

However, after the tragic events of September 11 active preachers of the ideas of radical Islam in U.S. prisons has increased markedly. She can not yet go to any comparison with the activities of far-right organizations, but, as they say, step is the hardest. Last year, police in Los Angeles have been charged with terrorism, a group of Islamic extremists who were preparing murder of the U.S. military, Israeli diplomats and local Jews. Arrested LeVar Washington and Vernon Patterson belonged to a terrorist organization "Jamiat-ul-Islam of Sahih" created in the Los Angeles jail, "Folsom" concluded Kevin Lamar James. During a search of the apartment of Washington (by the way, converted to Islam in prison), police found the subversive literature, weapons, as well as lists of objects against which should have been taken violent action.

In this connection, one can not throw a reproach to the authorities, who somehow sluggish to respond to the threat of the emergence of home-grown in the country followers of Bin Laden. Two years ago, the federal Office of the Inspector General Prisons published a report in which there is a disturbing fact. For example, in the country's prisons completely lacks any control over the Muslim clerics, to communicate with his flock. What did they say to each other, what secrets are divided — Allah alone knows.

In response to the recommendations of the Inspector General, the management Federal Bureau of Prisons has ordered his subordinates not to overlook the content of conversations with prisoners of mullahs. But then, bad luck — as in federal prisons and jails in the state and county rarely come across guards that can distinguish the peaceful preaching of extremist propaganda. And if all these conversations are conducted not in English?

Most recently, the Senate Committee on Security (Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee) was presented research "Jailhouse Islam" («The prison Islam"), conducted jointly by experts from Georgetown University and the Critical Incident Analysis Group. It stressed that Islamic extremists are now almost complete freedom of action in promoting their radical ideas in American prisons.

"Given that the United States ranks first in the world in terms of total number of prisoners (over 2 million) and the percentage (701 per 100 thousand population), the Islamists opened wide field of activity, — the report says. — It is extremely important that between the prison authorities and the FBI had close contact in the identification of those who promote the ideas of radical Islam and the recruitment of prisoners in their own organizations. "

Experts involved in the drafting of the document, noted that they understand how difficult it is to perform their recommendations, given the overcrowding of prisons and the acute shortage of staff in many prisons.

According to Senator Joe Lieberman, an influential member of the Senate Committee on Security and the heads of prisons should be more responsible approach to the selection of Muslim clerics. Individuals allow themselves to something else, apart from the usual sermons need not hesitate to deny the possibility of communication with the prisoners. The idea is right, that's just where can you find them — such apolitical followers of the prophet, even in large quantities?

In an article in the newspaper "New York Post" (September 10 this year), John Lehman, former commander of the U.S. Air Force and member of the 9/11 Commission, said that "80 percent of all mosques and Islamic schools in the U.S. are already in the hands of Wahhabis. " What these people can teach the novice, it is easy to guess.

Using data from the "Jailhouse Islam", experts urge Congress to create a special commission to undertake research problems spread of radical Islamic ideology in the American prison system. But why spend time figuring out what is already so well known? Do not it be better to address those who delegate the clergy to pay American prisoners to Islam (and even militant) — Wahhabi mosques and Islamic schools which, if you call a spade a spade, are now the main distributors of the ideology of "jihad" in the United States, generously funded from Saudi Arabia? And all this is happening in a country whose leadership seems to be declared a "crusade" to international terrorism and its ideological inspirers!

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