The damage caused by natural disasters in 2009

Natural disasters in the past year, according to the reinsurance company Munich Re, have claimed lives and caused less damage less than in 2008, according to December 29 BBC News.

In its annual report, the company notes that the main reasons for this was the absence of major disasters and relatively mild hurricane season in the North Atlantic.

The total economic loss was in 2009, $ 50 billion, compared with $ 200 billion in 2008. However, said Munich Re, the total number of destructive events were above long-term average: in 2009, 850 of them were registered.

"The tendency to increase the number of accidents related to the weather, maintained, however, the risk of geophysical events such as earthquakes remains unchanged, "- said Professor Peter Hepp (Peter Hoeppe), who heads Munich Re analysis of geophysical hazards.

As a result of natural disasters this year, killing about 10,000 people. The greatest number of lives claimed the earthquake in Sumatra, killing 1,200 people.

The most "expensive" a disaster, according to Munich Re, was the storm "Klaus", which struck in January to northern Spain and south-western France. Insured losses from this disaster was $ 3 billion, and economic losses — $ 5.1 billion

Source: k2k News

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