The death toll after a typhoon in the Philippines has reached thousands

The death toll after a typhoon in the Philippines has reached thousands of Natural Disasters

Typhoon Bohan, two weeks ago, hit the southern part of the Philippines, still leaves local people alone, because every hour updated list of victims of the disaster. By the end of this week it has listed 1,020 islanders. The sad thing is that even 844 is still not found.

Almost all the victims were found in the southern island of Mindanao, where floods and landslides were the hardest. Of the missing half of the people were sailors who came out to the open sea to catch fish before the storm and could not get back in time to a safe shore. Hope that at least one of them survived, very little. Among the dead are also seven soldiers who were carrying out rescue operations, four soldiers lost.

Search engines do not hide from the public that these missing sailors, and possible victims, hidden debris will continue to fill up the list of the dead. Very soon, the number of deaths after the December typhoon could exceed the official death toll from last year's typhoon Your (1268 people), despite the fact that ordinary Filipinos and the government thoroughly prepared for his arrival. Just power of the elements to the end no one can predict, especially since the last time the southern Philippines is feeling the effects of a powerful typhoon only in 1912.

This time it was not just people within the danger, but also those who have been previously evacuated to shelters prepared. Now the surviving evacuation centers are still more than 27,000 people. And be that as it may, the authorities have begun recovery operations, the first step to take for the renewal of lost crops in flooded fields. The total damage to agriculture and infrastructure was $ 174 million

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