The demand for MAZ with the Yaroslavl engines grew sevenfold

19.01.2011 RBC daily
Supply of heavy diesel engines JAMZ-650 GAZ Group to Minsk Automobile Plant in 2010 rose seven-fold to 880 pieces. But by the beginning of 2011 there was a shortage in the market "MAZ" with engine JAMZ-650 of 1000 pieces. It looks like the Minsk Automobile Plant was not ready for order fulfillment to the extent necessary, complain about the gas.
Diesel engines JAMZ-650 environmental standards "Euro-3" lets the Yaroslavl Motor Plant (JSC "Autodiesel", is a member GAS). Minsk Automobile Plant equips them commercially available since 2008 MAZ A9. In 2009, the Minsk Automobile Plant was delivered 120 of these engines, and last year, shipments rose to 880 units.
As noted in the GAZ Group, the demand for "MAZ" with the engine JAMZ-650 increased due to both the overall revitalization of the market and the competitive advantages of this configuration, as well as through special marketing campaigns. For example, the GAZ group together with the Minsk Automobile Plant in 2010 to provide a discount up to 70 thousand rubles. end customers MAZ A9 and established a special price for a limited amount of MAZ A9 at a price above family MAZ A8.
As noted by the Vice-President of GAZ Group, Elena Matveeva, according to the group, by early 2011 there was a shortage "MAZ" Series A9 on the Russian market of about 1 million vehicles, more than the total sales volume in 2010. "Arising in the second half of 2010, the market hype around MAZ A9, it seems, was the surprise of the Minsk Automobile Plant, which was not prepared for the production of the necessary volumes," — she said. According to her, the GAZ Group has fully complied with its obligations to supply engines in accordance with demands of MAZ in 2010, and is ready to support the growing demand for the restyled vehicles "MAZ".
Back in 2008, the Russian market accounted for almost 55% of the sale of the MAZ. But the crisis in sales volumes fell by 8.5 times, while the share of exports to Russia dropped to 16%. According to the "ASM-Holding", in the first nine months of 2010, released 7708 MAZ trucks and chassis to them, which is 45 units less than the same period last year.

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