The disappearance of the Dead Sea

  Carried out at the end of September this year of the study, which are devoted to changing the level of the Dead Sea, Israeli scientists are seriously concerned — again rapidly shallower water. From these data, it became clear last month that the water level dropped by 16 centimeters. If this goes on, the water could soon disappear altogether.

Studies have shown that in late September, line the water's edge of the Dead Sea has moved to the mark 423.83 meters below sea level, while that in August, a decrease of 14 cm turns out, the pond has been increasingly lost irretrievably thousands of tons of water.

Management of water resources of Israel is concerned rapid lowering of the water level at the world famous salt lake. According to the researchers, lowering the water level of the Dead Sea in 2010 was already 94 centimeters, while in the 2009th it was 84 centimeters per year.

However, in the history of the Dead Sea, and there have been periods of more intensive lowering of the water level. For example, in 2008, the drop was 1.35 meters at once. In December, January and February 2009, the Dead Sea has continued to dry up at a rate of up to 11 centimeters per month, but in March, Jordan dropped in Yarmouk enough water to make it come down to the Dead Sea. As a result of decline in stopped and spring rains even slightly increased it.

Why is one of the most interesting bodies of water of the planet suddenly became rapidly shallow? The fact is that the waters of the sea, though called, in fact, is a lake that is filled with the waters of several rivers, the largest of which is the Jordan. Also, the water in the Dead Sea supply spring rains and underground sources, but this is a very small volume.

Currently, Jordan, Syria and Israel blocked the discharge of water by dams in the Lower Jordan River, which became one of the causes of shoaling Dead Sea. Due to climatic changes in the region rains have to go at least for a long time, and the dry season, on the contrary, increased. So now the Dead Sea only feed streams from the north-west, the water flowing in the spring of the Judean Desert and the sewage water of Jerusalem and its environs.

Scientists around the world are concerned that if this goes on, the Dead Sea in 50 years can turn into a giant salt marsh. In recent years, actively discussing a draft recovery reservoir using a pipeline that will pump water from the Red Sea. The World Bank has funded the preparatory phase of the project, including a thorough environmental review. However, it is unlikely that such a project will be realized in the short term.

The Dead Sea is a unique body of water. It is located in a geological fault, that is, in the gigantic crack the crust. Its coast is the lowest portion of land on the planet: it is at 420 meters below sea level.

The Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water on Earth: The salinity ranges from 260 to 310 ppm (grams of salt per liter of water), whereas the majority of the salinity of the oceans and seas 34-37 ppm. Because the lake is in a very dry climate, the water evaporates from it continuously, whereby water column is a saturated saline. The density of water is very high — in some places in the Dead Sea can just lie on the surface of the pond and it does not sink.

The salt in the sea is also unique — unlike normal sea water, which is dominated by sodium chloride (table salt), the Dead Sea is the most magnesium salts. Maybe that's why its salts are healing for humans.

But it is not only the sea and located near the sulfur springs make this area a global sanatorium. Coming here, man falls into a natural hyperbaric chamber, because the atmospheric pressure is much higher than anywhere else on the planet — 800 mm p / st. (Normal 747). Air differs increased oxygen content (10%) purity and ideal complete absence of allergens, as virtually no desert plants and industrial plants.

The main factor in the treatment of many skin and respiratory diseases — an additional 400-meter-high UV protection in the form of an optical lens, constantly hanging over the sea and the surrounding area. Due to the unusually high evaporation of water in the atmosphere of aerosols sprayed layer saturated with ions of iodine, bromine, magnesium, and a dozen more names no less useful items. Being constantly under the cover of such a reliable, patients without fear of burn, spend in the sun to 6 hours a day.

So, as you can see, if the sea still persists, then the Middle Eastern states may lose one of the important sources of income from tourism, and all of humanity — the world of natural health resort. And the sea to save now, or later may be too late. Perhaps the first preventive measure should be a ban on the plunder of the waters of the Jordan. Maybe then the Dead Sea will not dry out so quickly.


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