The Earth has deteriorated air conditioning



Arctic ice that covered the Arctic Ocean, it appears, did not allow the inhabitants of the temperate latitudes of the freeze in the winter. On the relationship between anomalous snow in the Northern Hemisphere, with the melting of ice in the Arctic was discussed at a conference held in the U.S. on Tuesday.

"The loss of Arctic sea ice is directly related to how heavy snowfall in temperate latitudes in winter and a heat wave in the summer" — Los Angeles Times quoted Steven Vavrusa, a senior researcher at the Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin Nelson.

The scientist explained that the cold Arctic air and the heated area over large areas in the temperate latitudes of creating a difference in atmospheric pressure. Air masses streamed from west to east, giving rise to a strong wind and driving the ocean currents.

"Right now we are witnessing a process of transition to a new state of the Arctic" — said David Titley, a scientist working for the U.S. Navy. He recalled that the process goes faster, and by the 2020 Arctic summer may completely free of ice.

The Arctic and Antarctica are working like a giant air conditioners: any abnormal weather moved relatively quickly and collapsed due to the winds and currents. In recent years, due to the melting of ice in the polar regions of the temperature in these areas is increased, and the natural mechanism of "mixing" of weather on the planet stops. As a result of weather anomalies — such as heat, heavy rains, snow or frost — "stuck" in one area for much longer than before.

The arrival in Europe of a "long winter" could have been predicted in the fall, scientists say. According to the latest figures, which were researchers from the National Center for the Study of snow and ice in Boulder, Colorado, the ice cover in the summer of 2012 dropped to historic lows indicators.

"Floating ice is melting before our eyes. It is 80% less than it was 20 years ago. This is a serious loss — as well as a symptom of global warming. This sign tells us that warming is taking place in the Arctic, "- says Professor of American Institute of Marine Sciences of Rutgers Jennifer Francis.

Melting ice allows air to warm up and change the position of the jet stream. Jet stream air currents are responsible for the formation of cyclones and anticyclones. They determine the weather in the northern hemisphere, in Europe, Russia and the United States.

"This warming is having an impact on the jet stream. It allows cold Arctic air to penetrate far to the south. That weather that prevails now, entrenched for a long time, "- says Professor Francis.

Winter 2012-2013 year was one of the worst in recent memory. In Russia, Europe and the U.S. dropped a record rainfall. On continental Europe hit by three snow cyclone. One of them is "struck" at the end of December, the second — in the middle of February and the third — at the end of March.

Unexpected for the inhabitants of the continent was the March cyclone. Snow fell, even in regions of Europe, where it exists in the winter is almost forgotten. In Hungary, the cyclone three times blocked the traffic on the main roads that connect the country with Austria, Italy and Ukraine. According to witnesses, in the suburbs of Budapest locals refused conventional bikes and get to work on skis.

Difficult situation in neighboring Hungary, Ukraine. The precipitate March 22 snow paralyzed traffic on the roads of Kiev. People were moving around in skiing and tobogganing. City officials could hardly cope with drifts to March 25.

In Moscow snowfall came on the night of March 23 to 24. It had been snowing non-stop for two days. The wind had dropped only by the morning of March 26. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, cold weather will stay in the capital of Russia until the end of the month, and that warming is possible only at the beginning of April.

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