The eruption of the Indonesian volcano Gamalama

The eruption of the Indonesian volcano Gamalama Natural Disasters

Volcano awoke at 23:00 2 December 2011. Strong emission of ash fell asleep settlements whose residents were forced to evacuate about. Ternate, Indonesia. Reduce visibility and general weather conditions at the foot of the volcano.

News of no casualties but eruption certainly caused some panic among the local population. Exact figures about the strength of the eruption Gamalamy yet reported.

The history of volcanic eruptions:

Because of the shock wave for security on the day the local airport was closed, although the satellite ash was not visible. This is because it is difficult to detect because of the ash clouds high in the tropics.

An hour before the eruption of the volcano was given the status of "idle» (IV, a high level of risk). The status of "anxiety" were volcanoes Ternate in 2008.

According to the Global Volcanism Program (GVP) from the volcano Gamalama height 1715 meters above sea level, there are nine craters. Three active cone located north of the summit. Outlines the crater zone split, ran parallel to the bend. Halmahera.

Gamalama volcano erupted July 31, 2003. Researchers have been fixed a series of powerful aftershocks and a column of ash up to 2 km altitude. Pyroclastic flows spread Togorar valley to the north-eastern part of the volcano.

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