The executions of peaceful demonstrations in the United States

March 7, 1932. The Great Depression. The shooting of the hungry march in Detroit occurred when the starving unemployed workers automobile factories took to the streets with economic demands. The police and the armed services, Henry Ford opened fire on the workers, as a result of the four were killed, more than sixty people were injured (one of whom died from his injuries three months later.)

July 17, 1932. The bonus march. The shooting of thousands of protesters on World War I veterans in Washington. Against veterans, many of whom came with their families, were sent regular troops and tanks. The operation led by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Colonel D. Eisenhower and Major D. Paton (future U.S. military leaders during World War II). According to various estimates the death toll to 200 people, more than a thousand wounded.

August 1965 Watts Riot Los Angeles — 31 killed (two police officers and one firefighter) (as well as about a thousand wounded, but are in contrast to those killed, only a minority of the hands of the police / National Guard (250 wounded "siloviki" 778 civilians, 118 of them with gunshot wounds))

July 1967, Newark Riot — 25 killed (incl. 2 children), 725 wounded. Also killed one policeman.

July 1967, 12th Street Detroit riot (12th Street Riot in Detroit) — 43 killed, 467 wounded (not all at the hands of the authorities, but I do share is now impossible, apparently).

February 6, 1968 Orangeburg massacre (Massacre Oranzheburge) — 2 killed, 28 wounded.

December 4, 1969 Chicago police raid (A raid on the office of the Black Panthers in Chicago) — 2 killed, several wounded.


May 4, 1970 Kent State Shooting ("Shooting at the University of Kent ") — 4 killed, 9 wounded. Received relatively well known, as this time the victims were not poor teenagers from the Negro ghetto, and the offspring of the establishment.

May 9, 1970 Augusta Riot — 6 dead, 80 wounded.
May 14-15, 1970 Jackson State killings ("Killings in Jackson University") — 2 killed, 12 wounded.
August 1970 Chicano_Moratorium, 4 killed.
May 13, 1985 1985 MOVE bombing (Bombing of the residence of the organization MOVE) — 11 killed, including five children.

February 28, 1993 Waco siege ("Waco Siege") — 80 killed, 3 injured (though most are not killed by the bullets, and burned in a locked and set on fire by the National Guard of the house).

September 3, 2001 Rainbow Farm — 2 killed, 1 wounded

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