The flight to other worlds — eyewitness


Sometimes there are accidents that baffled even seasoned investigators of anomalous phenomena. One such incident was the flight to an unknown planet Volga stalker, many years exploring the anomalous zone "Medveditskaya ridge."

Fifty-year-Valery Moskaliev led expeditionary force "Volga-Kosmopoisk" and every year for a few weeks lost in the Zone, becoming the kind of people here stalker, like the hero of the Strugatsky. As a true stalker, he sees a lot out there, with many confusing meeting face to face. He carries on the extraordinary scene more than anyone else.

One such puzzling cases came to my eyes. It is time to tell you about this incredible event details.

January 5, 2008 Moskaliev went to the Zone near the city of Zhirnovskaya because in October 2007, after being there for a short trip, Valerie got a clear idea of the unknown, stamped on his head, "January 5, from 21 to 22 hours whether this place . " The idea is not it, and the place was no accident: he stood on the broad meadow between two hills, similar to a pyramid. There ought to meet with "strangers."

I must say that the then winter in Volgogradchine was severe: there were 25 degrees of frost, and I refused to go to dubious trip when Valery offered to accompany him.

Snow piled up in Zhirnovsky area in those days to spare. Drifts bushy hills, wrapped up a tree in the forest, advanced on the road — in some places it cleared graders. Valery only 17 hours when it was dark, made it to the nearest village to the Zone. He was met with Alla Roman, ufologists from Saratov, they sat in their "Opel" and warmed themselves by including automotive stove. They represented the "support group".

Valeria had to walk in the cold for more than three kilometers. Backpack with a tent and a sleeping bag just in case he took with him. Walked through the snow, but the cold did not feel even sweating from the walk.

In complete darkness at the foot of the hill he distinguished gray sphere, like a cloud. Bumped into the wall: something soft, slightly elastic — again! — And he was inside. Smelled a slight odor of men's deodorant, but also all around the dark. He stepped back — backpack rested against the wall, you will not leave.

Suddenly, the surrounding area was filled with light, marching from nowhere. On the side there were two men of high growth, not less than two and a half meters. Dressed in tight-fitting suits matte silver color, each wide belt, shimmering colors of the rainbow.

— The warmth I felt at once took off his hat and gloves — remember the man. — Considered the aliens. Both are beautiful, tanned skin, blond hair and green eyes. I have them at once there was sympathy. The brain is not my phrase, "Go ahead. Stand on the track. " I look over my legs — and I'm standing in the snow — brown track width of more than a meter and a length of five meters. Below us, the snow, look through the top stars. That is, the shell is transparent, not of man-made material. I took off my backpack and left it in the snow, and he stepped on the track.

Both introduced themselves. One Feng, another Taysik. The former is more sociable. Between themselves, they spoke in a strange melodious language, and with Valery — telepathically idea was born in his mind. At some point, Valery asked for permission to use a digital camera, a small, easy — took on this case at his son. Took it out of his jacket pocket.

Feng interested in:

— Let me see … — picked up, turned it over in his hands: — Wow, what an antiquity!

By the time Valeri took off his jacket and put next to the track, staying in a sweater. He was allowed to use the camera, but no flash, and provided — they do not shoot themselves.

— What has been unusual in the area? — Could not wait to me with questions.

— I did not have the feeling that this technical construction — thought Moskaliev. — Dim lights go anywhere without letting the shadows. Remote controls, displays, control panels were not. At one point, I thought that all hologram image, and I translated it to the brain. Then there were two chairs light brown streamlined forms, and I could sit in one of them, but he did not do that. I do not know what form of transportation they used — maybe this is the space-time capsule? Through her I was able to treat a skin surrounding. At some point in my head the idea: "We want to show you our planet." I said, "And I will return back?" — "We promise." — "I agree. How long to fly? "Came the answer:" We're flying through the portals. It takes a little time. "

Water Planet

Valery saw how fast the Earth is removed, and then around the darkness deepened. They flew long, maybe 10-12 minutes. At one point there was a stranger in my head thought: "We fly". Valery seen against the black of space whitish circle with gray hulk spherical planet on the edge of the circle has a huge barrel — apparently alien craft. "The protective field around the planet — was followed by a prompt. — The ship has a security function. "

He explained that their water planet: land mass is about 10 percent, and the rest — water. However, due to the fact that the planet is three times larger than the earth, the land is not so little. Their cities and manufacturing are located under the ground and under water. The most annoying, in the opinion of Valery — they landed at night. Why? By design or is it just a coincidence? He did not explain.

— We went outside shell: just stepped from the track and were outside the scope — remember Valery. — I felt solid ground under their feet, something like asphalt. Immediately felt a moist atmosphere. The air is also unusual. They explained that the oxygen is much higher than on Earth, but not enough carbon dioxide, and in a liquefied state forcibly transported to the Earth and other planets.

"We have no animals and plants" — this idea was very surprised Moskalyova. "How can they live without it?" — Mentally he sympathized. Had the idea and answer: "Our maximum age — 45 years according to earthly standards. Oxidation processes do not allow the body to live longer. "

— The attraction of the planet, too, could be felt as soon as I took the first steps, — said Valery. — It was hard to raise their hands and feet, it is harder to move around. Like a strong magnet acting on the foot.

Eyes adjusted to the darkness, and Valery saw the horizon and saw the starry sky above him, glowing devices, fast flying across the sky. We do not hope for anything, repeatedly pulled the trigger the camera. Water splashed nearby. I wanted to touch her hand, to feel the taste. "You can go to the water?" — Mentally he asked. "Go" — the answer came from Feng.

Earthman came to the water, squatted and scooped her hand. The water was cold, as from a spring, the smell had not. He wet his lips and was surprised that did not feel taste of sea salt. Swallowed. The water was like a distilled — icy and without taste.

He returned to his companions. "How do you eat? — He asked. — If you have nothing grows, what do you eat? "-" We have a special balanced diet "- was the answer. Feng pulled from somewhere capsule and held Earthman, "Take in your mouth." "I have not poisoned?" — "No, no, — assured the alien. — Try it. You're probably hungry? "

— I put the cylinder of the mouth and felt it was the right swell. "Swallow" — advised Feng. I swallowed and felt his stomach began to fill up quickly, and within a couple of minutes there was a sense of utter fullness.

Valery assured me that three days after that he did not eat and did not want to eat.

— You have not shown their homes?

— No. We pobyli there for about fifteen minutes, when his head appeared: "You have to come back, and then the portal will close." We again entered the sphere, and in a moment I saw the planet was removed from the land of endless islands of water. Are there day and when the dawn comes, — for me it has remained unclear. So much more I would have questioned … — complained Valery. — I'm not ready to be fatal for such developments. Was not thinking about any flight …

He noted that the aliens walk the planet easily, without stress. He walked like a duck waddle, lifting heavy legs. They said that the planet has seven layers of protective shells and protection of near-space is constantly. "There are aggressive, warlike civilization" — was the explanation. "And on Earth, they can also invade?" — Could not ask Valeri. "Sure, but you are under our control and protection. You — our wards, and you, our donors. You give us the carbon dioxide, we take your technical water from waste plants. In this water, a lot of useful substances and metals. "


Land met them the night darkness, but in the east had already dealt with a strip of dawn, it was possible to distinguish between the continents and the black space of the seas and oceans. And look at all the inhabited planet: the bottom of the islets of lights glowed. The other one, the planet appeared on less populated and monotonous — continuous space of black water with a few islands of land.

They landed at the same place from which to start. Backpack standing in the snow, and Moskaliev going to get off the track on the ground, but then it's an indication, "Take your bag." He put the bag there, and after a moment, he saw a "Opel". Came down on the snow nearby, waved to the strangers, but did not see how to start a sphere. Buttoning his jacket already in the cold, the air did not give Bleak breathe. He went to the "Opel", was knocking on the window …

Roman woke up hard. The stove worked quietly snorting engine.

— Oh, my head hurts … — handed Roma. — What are you back so soon? Just fifteen minutes passed …

— What do you mean? Look at the clock! — Valery and he did not understand with time. — For the morning comes!

Indeed, and car clocks, and his wrist showed 06:49 am.

— I would appreciate your time no more than one hour — Valery surprised. — Fifteen to twenty minutes at a meeting, on the half-hour flight there and back, fifteen minutes there … Where podevalis almost 9:00! I met them about 22's! ..

— Maybe you erase memory? — I suggested.

— I do not know … Maybe the transition time of the portal is lost? Double-pass after all.

It was clear that the nine hours on a 35-degree frost, he would not stand turned into an icicle, and before the Roman and Alla appeared cheerful and excited occurring humorist.

At dawn, they went with Roma in the footsteps Valerno to the meeting with the aliens to see the machine prints until they are covered with snow. Went on the virgin snow to the hills-the pyramids. Traces ended at the foot of a large "pyramid." Primo was snow on the spot delivered a backpack, but no traces of any unit was not.

In general Valery flight began to seem a dream … If it were not for the euphoria that did not leave him a few days later. "Breathe in oxygen, or what? .. — He thought. — Well, a rise of forces, mood, spirit — not just words! Inspiring went rather from the realization that we really are not alone, that we secretly watch over, protect even … "

On the small screen of the camera could not see — just some black frames with whitish balls and colored dots like sparks — only 13 shots. The computer is also not very helpful.

Valery asked, can you tell us about their planet and all of that meeting. The aliens said, "You will not believe", even "close friends will doubt." "People know this is too early," — summed them.

But then, with Valery began to occur at all the bad things … A couple of weeks after the trip, he became very sick. Felt worse and worse. Steel teeth become loose, swinging, so that the eye was visible when he showed it to me. "Maybe because of the water that I tried? — He built assumptions. — Or because of the high concentration of oxygen? "

Then began to hurt bones, all the joints. Muscles like flaked off the bones. It was hard to walk, hard to climb the stairs. Once the temperature has risen to almost 40 degrees, held for three days, and Valery did not exclude the death. At the very least, confessed to me in such thoughts. Infectious disease such as influenza was confirmed — not the symptoms. He forbade his wife to call the doctor, because I thought it's all about the energy difference during his visit to the planet or in a meeting. And talk about what caused the disease, he could not — would consider a Madman. He hoped that the body will cope with the illness.

— Ask for the help of his aliens! — I was angry. — If they did not provide security, let correct. Send it mental signals for help.

— Yes hear it? — Valery protested weakly. — Oh, he somehow … But with them, I do not fly, do not persuade.

— What is offered? — I jumped.

— Yes, there is such a feeling … — Valery held indefinitely. — No, health is more expensive. And you will become a burden on the family. Who needs it?

His body gradually cope with the strange disease, but Valeri believes that the full restoration of health does not happen. And let me tell me about the story after a long time. One conclusion from all this is: if someone else will be like flying, you have to ask them about the necessary safety measures.

Gennady Belimov

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