The genocide of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica, planned and executed the separatist leaders with the knowledge of the U.S.

Clinton opens memorial own crimes in Srebrenica

One of the founders of the party SDA (Party of Democratic Action of Bosnian Muslims), a civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to create an ethnically pure Islamic state and a member of the memorial committee for the events in Srebrenica Ibra Mustafic said that from 500 to 1,000 Muslims in Srebrenica killed her same, and that it was a "planned genocide" by the then leader of the Bosnian Muslims Alija Izetbegovic and U.S. President Bill Clinton.

According Mustafic, these people are killed while trying to break through in the direction of Tuzla at the end of July 1995, because it is on the list of those who "… in any case, do not dare to survive and get to the free territory." These "black lists" of Muslims were created with the participation of the Bosnian Muslims led by Izetbegovic, information portal "Srpska. ru ".

Mustafic wrote the book "The planned chaos," in which he outlined the above data about the true causes of events in Srebrenica, which is why he was repeatedly threatened with death, and in 2008 he was severely beaten. "Srebrenica is the result of a planned genocide, ie collusion between the world community in the person of Bill Clinton and Alija Izetbegovic. So for me, even more horrible than the crime in Srebrenica, is to visit the Clinton Memorial Center. It is the appearance of a criminal in the act! "- Mustafic wrote in his book.

The existence of a list of people who should not have been alive at the time of breaking through to Tuzla, Mustafic confirmed the position and a few dozen people. "At least ten times told me that the former chief of police in Srebrenica Hakija Meholich. But I would not be surprised if he now abandon his words, expressed in an interview with "Dani" "(there Meholich revealed that the plan to surrender Srebrenica and the subsequent promotion of the myth of the" genocide "was developed in the administration of then-president Alija Izetbegovic, Bosnia-Herzegovina and approved Bill Clinton). The ill-fated "black list" composed mafia in Srebrenica — the "tip of the military and political leadership, which from 1993 was literally the master of life and death" — shows the author.

Ibra Mustafic also writes: "If I could tell Naser Oric (commander of Bosnian Muslim forces in Srebrenica — approx. 'Srpska. Py.") At the Hague Tribunal, I would have sentenced him to a minimum of 20 years for crimes against the Serbs, and for what he did against their own — 200 000 years in prison. "

According to official UN in Srebrenica in July 1995, killing of 7 to 8,000 Muslims, but this figure many times challenged, believing strongly overestimated. Although repeatedly been proven to be buried at Memorial many died for 10-15 years before the civil war, the official version has not changed.

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