The girl sees everything upside down



28-year-old Bozena Kuchma suffering from violations of spatial orientation. Her case is unique in that because of this she does not experience persistent dizziness, and sees the world upside down.

This means that an employee of the City Council of Uzice in Serbia is reading documents, books and newspapers upside down. At work, she went to meet him, given the unusual nature of her illness, and the display of her computer is configured properly: the pages on the Internet, the official forms and other electronic materials she needed it normally sees only because they are turned upside down.

With a keyboard is the same story — it is the case Bozena Kuchma is in exactly the same way that the brain interprets it as a mirror image, and the girl could do their work quality.

Bozena home watching TV all alone on the second floor because it upside down. The whole family at this time watching movies and shows on the ground, where the technique is its usual position. Her parents remember that when my daughter started to crawl, then moved in the opposite direction, the same thing they watched as she began to walk. Mother even had to take a long leave of absence to teach small Bozhenov walk, like all children. This was the start of her extraordinary life.

"It may seem incredible to someone, but for me it's absolutely normal. I was born like that, and that is how I see the world around me, that's for 28 years, "- said the expert on economic issues. It is worth noting that this is a rare disorder did not stop her in time to graduate from college with honors.

American specialists in neurology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, called this disorder "phenomenon of spatial orientation or perception." "They say that my eye sees everything in the right position, but the brain that signal" twists "and I end up not perceive all the way other people, and upside down.

But they can not explain exactly how this happens and what part of the brain is responsible for it, "- said Bozena. "Experts have told me that they knew the stories of several people who claimed that they write as much as I am, but none of them see the world the way I" — she added.

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