The global ocean is warmed by the eyes

Oceans relentlessly hot. An international team of scientists from the U.S., UK, Germany and Japan proved that during the period from 1993 to 2008. water temperature has risen by 0.15 degrees Celsius, while the "warm layers" go to 700 m depth.

According to the researchers, the heating of the oceans in shallow water and rising water — is undeniable indicators Global Warming. The upper layers of the ocean to absorb the energy that is the result of human-induced greenhouse effect, and this leads to an increase in the temperature of sea water.

However, the system of collection of such data is just beginning to develop, and many experts point to the possible measurement errors. John Lyman Group of the University of Hawaii and his colleagues analyzed data collected by the international system of Argo, consisting of about three thousand robotic probes that swim in the oceans, and tested different methods of processing the results.

Scientists have taken into account the margin of error and identified a statistically significant warming trend in the 0,53-0,75 watts per square meter of the Earth's surface. Thus, according to oceanographers, the results of the current study can be called the most accurate.

According to Argo, in 2003 the growth rate of the heat content decreased, and, possibly, the warming in this period was observed at a greater depth. These findings cast doubt on experts from the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research. According to them, slowing warming after 2003 did not correspond to changes in the atmosphere, and this discrepancy suggests that the mechanisms of processing the observations may be some inaccuracies.

The other day, specialists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA) presented the most accurate to date estimate of the volume of the oceans. The new value is 1,332,400,000 cubic meters. kilometers. This is about 0.3% different from the value which in 1983 resulted in his work employees of the State Hydrological Institute of the USSR Alexei Sokolov and Igor Shiklomanov. In absolute terms, the difference corresponds to an increase of about five times the volume of the Gulf of Mexico.


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