The grand comet hanging these days in the western horizon


Astrologers are wondering what it will bring earthlings. In these days of March in the west just after sunset, even without binoculars or a telescope, you can see the brightest comet. It was the largest in decades.

Sunday night — an especially beautiful sight, the comet moves around Serpico only that the people of the moon.


This celestial body is said not too romantic — C/2011 L4 Pan-Starrs. Formerly known as the comet named the man who discovered it, for example, Halley's comet is named so because it was opened by Halley. But from now abandoned this system.

However, a hint of the pioneer is still there, because it was noticed by Pan-Starrs telescope in Hawaii in the summer of 2011. Automated surveillance for a long time, and that's comet was named after a person is not as heartless telescope.

The uniqueness of a comet that she first visited the solar system. Where are the comet is not yet clear, most likely from interstellar space. Astronomers believe that there is located the so-called Oort cloud, where the sun's gravity pulls the comet, and binds to itself. Here C/2011 L4 Pan-Starrs and whipped out — just that. Now it will be next to the sun, and will circle around him. But until very elongated orbit, the comet will go into interstellar space and come back only after 110,000 years. Then the orbit of the comet will be more closely associated with the sun, and after a few million years, it will fall down on our daylight.

Comets — the oldest material in the vicinity of the earth, older than all of the planets. They are composed of ice, mixed with stones. Ice evaporates when the comet approaches the sun, the comet is formed around a luminous shell — a head. Sun blows on the head stream of the solar wind — these charged particles of the upper shell of the sun. As a result, the head is deformed, and her tail is formed, is always directed from the sun.

Then the comet is removed, head and tail disappear.

It is believed that comets brought life to the ground, although this is not yet proven. If this is true, it means that life is not found in the solar system itself, for some reason there is a space between the stars. But the seeds sprout life only where there are conditions. On Earth, they were, and on the moon — no.

Comets sometimes fall to Earth — it is during such falls on the planet and can get alien biological substance. Similarly, it is proved that in 1908 at Tunguska taiga in Siberia collapsed just a comet. Comets are very dangerous. Their material is friable, that does not fall to the ground and exploded in the air, so the effect — like a nuclear explosion. What brought it to the ground Tunguska comet, no one knows. After all, in order to exhibit noticeable mutations needed century.

Comets are not only the source of life on Earth, but the fact that it can kill. For example, the Gulf of Mexico round — is a giant crater of a fallen several hundred million years ago a comet. As a result, all over the planet for thousands of years established the so-called nuclear winter, many species have become extinct, including the dinosaurs, but climbed more adapted mammals.

Astrologers traditionally believe that comets portend trouble, and this tradition is very old. So thought the Chaldeans still a few thousand years ago. Comet as a carrier of evil — the usual character of Russian chronicles. A Roman emperor Vespasian allowed himself a joke on a comet. When it came, they spoke, the Emperor dies (usually the comet is supposedly foretell the death of the rulers).

But Vespasian joked: — Comet predicts the demise of the king of Persia, that he was hairy, like a comet, and I — bald! But Vespasian in fact died shortly afterwards. Regarding the comet astrologers do not say anything definite. At the same time, they believe that the famous Halley's Comet, which was the in 1986, heralded the collapse of the Soviet Union. We believe these stargazers or not — judge for yourself.

Eugene Arsyukhin

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