The hardships of a soldier serving in the U.S. Army

When the male soldiers rape other men — his own colleagues, all prefer to remain silent. Yet the topic of male rape in the army now coming to light.

Shortly after immigrating to America Greg Acorns, who was then 35 years old, decided to serve in the U.S. Army. Like most soldiers, he was guided and patriotic feelings for his adopted country, and pragmatic considerations that the service will be the first stepping stone to a career that would help him provide for his family.

"However, when in May 2009 Zheludov arrived at Fort Benning, Ga., flared economic crisis and a growing xenophobia. Because Russian accent and New York addresses colleagues at the military unit called him a "socialist Champagne" and "om-communist.

Less than two weeks after his arrival he had been gang-raped in the barracks, which made the man who declared that show him who's the boss in the United States. When he complained of command, he said, "I guess you are to blame. Perhaps you have provoked them, "- says the article.

For the army sexual abuse of men by men — an ugly secret that deny the power that conceal the victim, who feel ashamed. Meanwhile, last year, the Ministry of military veterans showed nearly 50 million male veterans who experienced "sexual trauma in the military." In 2003, this figure was just over 30 thousand

The frequency of rape against women soldiers — now for the woman who serves in the U.S. Army, the probability of an attack a fellow higher than the probability of dying in battle — and attracted the attention of men to rape.

Meanwhile, in the history of the U.S. Army for a long time did not exist any terms for sexual violence against co-workers, no system for dealing with such incidents. "Only in 1992, at the Pentagon acknowledged that such incidents do occur, and initially only female victims were recognized. But last year, more than 110 men — almost 3 times more than in 2007 — privately said they had been raped.

The true number of victims is certainly much higher, "- the author writes, explaining that even among the large number of civilian rapes do not report to the police. According to estimates of the Pentagon, even in the case of female soldiers is recorded, probably less than 20% of the actual number of rapes.

One would assume that the rapes are committed by homosexuals hidden, but experts believe that the majority of rapists over colleagues — heterosexuals. "As in prisons and other male communities, the army sexual abuse in relation to other men — not a sign of homosexuality, and the lust for power, intimidation and domination" — the author writes.

The victims are usually the most vulnerable — the young men and women of lower rank. "The purpose of rape — not sex, and violence," — says Mick Hunter, author of "Honor Betrayed: Sexual crimes in the U.S. Army."

The author returns to the fate Zheludova. "Shortly after the attack, when the rapist threatened to send him" back to Russia raspolovinennym, "the commander told him to sign a document stating that he was a practicing homosexual.

Then Zheludova discharged from the army in accordance with the law forbidding open homosexuals to serve in the army. His wife left him, he was out of work and suffering from emotional problems. Doctors have prescribed him a dozen psychotropic drugs for post-traumatic stress, insomnia and depression, "- the newspaper writes.

Jesse Ellison

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