The historian of the Alma-Ata stated that he found the tomb of Genghis Khan in the Altai


Kazakh scientist Vladimir Shards made a statement that he had discovered in the mountains Ore Altai place where the founder was buried mongol empire.

According to the scientist, the probable burial place of Genghis Khan is located in a secluded area, where "people do not go at all, and if they go, it's very rare," it should be a place where there are no traces of any person.

"In the Altai is completely appropriate place under these conditions. This Leninogorskaya (Ridder) Depression" — the Shards, adding that the founder of the Mongol Empire once he mentioned the Altai as a possible place for his grave.

As explained by the scientist in Leninogorsk depression have been found traces of people who lived in the Stone Age. Traces showing that in the Bronze and Iron Ages've been there man, there is little, or rather, "it seems that they deliberately destroyed."

At the moment, scientists from different countries (China, Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan) are not arguing that the dumping of Genghis Khan could be in the Altai, but "each side wants the tomb was located exactly on their territory," — he added.


As we know, until now, scientists can not say about the circumstances under which the Great Khan died. We only know that he died in 1227 in a military campaign in the Tangut State Hsi-Hsia. But the legends about the causes of his death, there are many. According to one version, the great commander was killed after falling from a horse.

Other sources have reported that Khan was killed by an arrow mortally wounded as a result of a lightning strike as well as the fact that Tangut khan's wife, the beautiful Kyurbeldishin Khatun, a bite to Genghis Khan carotid artery during the wedding night.

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