The hurricane knocked in Odessa more than 1,000 trees, one man was killed

May 31, 2013. The hurricane knocked in Odessa more than 1,000 trees, one person was killed and many wounded.

In Odessa cleared element! Ten minutes had hurricane knock down dozens of trees and off the light in the center, a fountain and Tairova. In particular, suffered green spaces in the city garden.

"When the whirlwind came, people vacationing on summer dining areas, climbed in the window establishments, and some even dragged" — says Eugene Odessa, who met in the center of the bad weather.

According to him, badly damaged scene, prepared for the festival of ballroom dance "Cup Dance — History».

Another citizen, Yuri, reports on the situation at Fontana: "There were flying pieces of sheet metal fences like a guillotine. People in cars stopped and pedestrians took away with me. "

The scene of the Second International Festival of the Arts near the building of the Odessa Opera House is also affected by the hurricane.

According to authorities, the wind speed reached 31 meters per second. One person died — a man of 1955 year of birth. He was killed by electrocution broken wire.

Two other men — 1987 and 1968 birth — were injured. First crushed a tree in Arcadia, and the second fell from a gantry loader.

Felled more than 1,000 trees, 11 vehicles were damaged and three low pressure gas pipeline — on the shady and Lidersovskiy Boulevard, as well as the Fontanka.

A number of city blocks and 261 village area were left without electricity.

Rescue workers and public services operate in an emergency mode. By clearing blockages hooked cadets of the Military Academy.


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