The ideological shift. Putin took the taboo on the topic The Soviet-Finnish War


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Soviet Union, beginning in 1939, the war with Finland, tried to correct the admitted mistakes during the revolution, and calls to honor the memory of fallen Soviet soldiers as they carried out their duty.

Talking about the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940 came during a meeting with members of the President's re-established the Military Historical Society and the search teams. One of the participants in the conversation suggested to create memorials to "mark the death of these people, anyway those who died for our country."

"These are the words superfluous. Anyway — so do not say. These are the people who performed military duty, "- he said Putin.

The head of state said he did not intend to make such an assessment, rightly or wrongly operated the Soviet leadership in 1939, from a political point of view. Later, however, did return to the events of those years.

"At the most cursory analysis, we can conclude that after all the state border (with Finland) was 17-20 kilometers from St. Petersburg — is, by and large, big enough threat to the city of five million. I think that the Bolsheviks at that time tried to correct historical mistakes they have done in 1917. Once used the armed support of the Finnish armed forces, then part of the Russian army and supporters are known to a large extent, influenced the outcome of the October insurrection, coup. Then he came around — the border there. Have not been able to agree and went to war ", — Putin said.

According to him, the first months of the war were "bloody and inefficient on our part." "Then everything fell into place. After several months of inconclusive fighting, quite bloody, regrouped, began to act differently. Concentrated large forces, the means. It became clear that the forces of only one of the Leningrad Military District did not win this war, and began to act differently. And already the reverse side felt the full power of the Russian, then Soviet state ", — he added.
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