The impact of natural disasters on people's behavior

The impact of natural disasters on people's behavior Facts

A study by the University of Canterbury of New Zealand, said that the survivors of natural disasters more likely to suffer from mental impairment. This leads to the fact that during everyday activities such people begin to behave inappropriately. For example, the victims of terrorist acts increasingly involved in an accident, are more prone to stress and anxiety.

Assistant professor of psychology William Helton believes that greater stress and confusion, leading to this behavior are the result arising from disasters cognitive disorders. To confirm the theory have been several psychological tests of earthquake survivors in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2010. Feature of the experiment is that the survey data were evaluated before and after the earthquake.

Researchers have attempted to measure the intelligence of the subjects, suggesting press or not to press the button corresponding to represent numbers. It was found that after the earthquake, people are more likely to give the wrong answer. Those who have experienced intense fear during a disaster, posted a much faster, but less correct. People are in a state of depression during the earthquake, showed a delayed response during the test.

Helton and his colleagues draw conclusions about what the victims in natural disasters bear the increased cognitive load. For them, the implementation of such cognitive load seems to work a double challenge, as the simultaneous driving and answer the phone. In such a reaction, the mind may have its consequences, says the researcher.

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