The latest Russian SS-26 «Frontier» will make starting the end of 2013

The latest Russian SS-26
Launch of new solid intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) RS-26 «Limit» may take place before the end of the year, said to RIA Novosti on Thursday, a senior official of the military-industrial complex.
«The launch of the new solid-mobile missile RS-26, the development of which the currently held under the code» limit «may take place before the end of this year,» — said the agency interlocutor.
According to him, the new ICBMs in the coming years will complement the group were armed with the Strategic Rocket Forces mission (RVSN) missiles «yars» and «Topol-M». He noted that the properties of the PC-26 is now classified.

RS-26 «Limit» — New Russian ICBM launch which may be held before the end of 2013
Earlier the state procurement portal reported that the insurance company «Ingosstrakh» won the open competition for the Ministry of Defence of mandatory liability insurance agency for damage to life, health or property of third parties resulting from the launch of ICBMs in 2013-2014.
Amount of liability insurance when you run the SS-26 is 180 million rubles.

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