The location of nuclear power plants in the UK are under threat of flooding

The location of nuclear power plants in the UK are under threat of flooding Facts

From unpublished government data, sea level rise caused by climate change threatens 12-of-19 nuclear power stations in Britain.

Photo: NPP in Sizewell, Suffolk.

According to the Ministry of the environment are considered to be the most vulnerable locations of nine nuclear power plants, while the rest will be at risk of flooding and storms in the coming decades. These include the planning and construction of new nuclear power station sites along the coast, as well as radioactive waste storage, operating reactors and frozen nuclear facilities.

Two of the eight new sites located in Sizewell, Suffolk and Dandzhness, Kent, are already at high risk of flooding. These places are already closed as well as operating reactors. Hinkley Point in Somerset, which plans to build the first of eight new nuclear power stations by 2080, will be at high risk of flooding and soil erosion.

The analysis was osuschestvleo representatives of Defra as part of the investigation of the effect of climate change on the UK, but published in January 2012, the data did not include any specific information on hazardous locations, but the overall outlook to 2080. However, in March 2012 the company had to make public all the research data that does not violate the rights to freedom of information in accordance with the law.

According to experts, the main problem is the possibility of leakage of radioactive waste due to flooding and soil erosion in the next 100 years. Would be extremely difficult and costly, not only to decommission nuclear facilities, but also to move nuclear waste to a sublime territory.

To date, specifically authorized organization NDA ensures increased levels of sea water and provides forecasts for the next 10 years. Everything changes occur relatively slowly, which allows not only to develop a strategy and apply it to prevent potential accidents. Greenpeace, however, accused the organization and government of harboring existential threat to the whole of the environment, but also voiced their opposition to belittle the effects of global warming.

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