The militarization of the U.S. police was the subject of a nationwide investigation


The American Civil Liberties Union launched an investigation into this growing government campaign to establish local militarized police units.

Increasingly, the ministers of the order in America knocked out doors and windows. Heavily armed special forces every day break into houses suspects (often incapable of any resistance). Each such operation carried out by police officers as if they have to fight with a small army. At gunpoint and are elderly, and children.

Police work is more like soldiers, and police officers already can hardly be called defenders of calm abiding citizens. Police not only prepare for tougher action — they are armed powerful military equipment, which is supposed to guide the longer against members of Al-Qaeda, but against any innocent children and guests, accidentally caught in the suspect's house.

The American Civil Liberties Union, using the Freedom of Information Act, recently asked the law enforcement agencies documents related to what happens in small towns expansion units riot police almost to the size of divisions with military personnel and heavy military equipment.

In the 23 U.S. states within just a few hours was 255 such formal requests.

The Union expects to get as much information about the nature of the training received by officers of local units of riot police and specific data about the technology at their disposal.

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