The modern library built in NTU KPI

This fall at the National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" a new building scientific and technical library.

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In Polytech built a new library

The idea to build a new building the library, the construction of which began in 2004, belongs to the rector of the university Leonid Tovazhnyansky. The works are made mostly borrowed funds. For example, some funds have listed former graduates — members of the Association of Polytechnics and organizations that are working successfully politehovtsy.

According to Library Director Larisa Semenenko, in a six-story building will house the library hralilisch 12, 4 of subscription: publications in foreign languages, scientific publications and two textbooks subscription, electronic reading room, conference room, office space. Each time the subscription is reading rooms control copy, each of which has four or five workstations reader.

"The new library is designed to store a half-million books. Our foundation also is 1.5 million, but given that we leave the area and that public libraries are today, it gives a very good extension, "- said Semenenko.

Own full-text database danyh libraries contain about six thousand documents in electronic form.

"By today's standards it is a small base, because we honor the copyright law," — said Semenenko.

According Semenenko, in the new building the library implemented a comprehensive information system.

For example, the security system is connected to the building fire alarm system, as well as with the work of utilities. In addition, more attention is paid to the access control system in the building, and to document resources of the library.

"We have implemented RFID-technology, ie Radio Frequency Identification. RFID-tags will have books that are freely available in the library, valuable books, and those are the only ones, periodicals. This system allows you to control not only the issue of books, but also take away them out of the building, "- said Semenenko.

Access to students, faculty and staff of the library to the library will provide a library card with a chip vmontiroannym. Upon entering the library building library card is applied to a special reader at the turnstile for reading RFID-tags on the reader, then the service of the screen sees the whole picture and visitor information. This allows the service to protect not only to know who is in the building, but when you close the library to control, not left anyone out there. Video-supervision system allows you to control not only the interior but the entire outer perimeter and adjacent teritory.

For users of installed 36 computers running Wi-Fi.

In addition, on the first floor mounted touch panels that can be used to find out if you have the required publication, to make reservations, learn about the latest or use other resources available to the library.
Semenenko noted that the daily services of the scientific and technical library of NTU "KPI" is used by an average of almost 1.5 thousand men and 3000 — visit the site. The most active visitors are graduate students and masters.

Recall that according to the rector of the university Leonid Tovazhnyansky, library construction cost of more than 30 million hryvnia.


Scientific and Technical Library of the National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" interacts with the libraries at the regional, inter-regional and international levels. She is a member of several associations, corporations Irbis-Corporation, the International Association of Users and Developers of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies (postdoc), Russian Association of Library Consortia, "Informatio-Consortium", etc.

Its resources are available to users Ukrainian scientific and educational network "Uranus". Thanks ELibUkr Consortium and membership in the Association "Informatio-Consortium" has access to a variety of global research and information resources in a test mode, sign the access to electronic databases of EBSCO. Resources 220 participating libraries of the Association of Russian library consortia are available to readers of NTBs in the framework of the project "Electronic delivery of documents."

Scientific and Technical Library of NTU "KPI" is an active member of several corporate cataloging projects:
"Russian Union Catalog of scientific literature" (SPSL, Russia);

"Inter-regional analytical articles painting" (MARS ARBICON, Russia)


"Pridneprovsky corporate directory" (Ukraine)

Union catalog of periodicals received by the leading libraries of Kharkiv

Union Catalogue of publications received by the leading libraries of Kharkiv on librarianship, bibliography and book science

Union Catalog of foreign publications received by the leading libraries of Kharkiv

Participation in most of these projects is based on the use of communication formats for data exchange.


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