The number of dead in the Pakistani earthquake has doubled

October 2, 2013. According to the latest information from the National Service for Emergency Situations of Pakistan, the number of victims the two strongest earthquakes of September of the year has grown to 825 people. All the victims were residents of remote and sparsely populated fairly poor mountainous province of Baluchistan.

From natural disasters affected more than 30 Pakistani villages, about 20,000 huts in which the family lived in Baluchistan, razed to the ground. The area of destruction in the province reached almost 40 thousand km ², and every day in this huge area from the rubble and mud sediment rescue workers or volunteers managed to raise to the surface of dozens of people, unfortunately, most of them no longer required medical attention.

Due to the fact that Balochistan is one of the poorer provinces in the country for homeless people here is almost no humanitarian conditions. The victims do not have enough water, food, day after day, some are forced to spend the night in the open air, because so far in the areas Mashkay, Gashgor and Malar and not equipped humanitarian camp. Rescue operations and humanitarian aid greatly hinder attack paramilitary rebel Baloch. The Pakistani government refuses to supply aid until rescuers in danger in the form of attacks by their political opponents.


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