The order on the streets of New York and London protect squads of orthodox Hasidic



The story of how one adult orthodox Hasidic, in fact, turned out to be a bloodthirsty animal, killed another — a small defenseless and unsuspecting, stirred up not only the orthodox Jewish community in Borough Park. The story horrified the country.

At the same time, we know: the first one who came to help in the search for the missing child, unfortunately, brutally torn, were again of orthodox Hasidic Borough Park — volunteer squad "Shomrey." It appealed to them Leiby mother when the boy did not come to the meeting place. And just in the search for Leiby Dumpling attended five thousand people.

The other day it was reported as helping "Shomrey." "Shomrey" — means "observers." They know the residents, streets, and therefore react faster the city police.

In the municipality of Borough Park squad "Shomrey" small — only 150 people. They know they have the trust residents of the area, as their loved ones. The community has close family ties, people are friendly and help each other. This is evidenced by Rabbi Boteach, he also explains that you can not always tell the situation to an outsider — an ordinary policeman. They do not know the specifics of life, can not understand.

At the same time, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ray Kelly admitted that the police are unlikely to react faster than the squad "Shomrey" in this tragic case.

And just as the "Shomrey" ambulances private Jewish ambulance "Hattsola" to respond to the call for help quickly and efficiently similar urban services. And just like the "Shomrey" employees "Hattsola" in the community believe members of a large family.

Another aspect, which says Rabbi Boteach. In Borough Park, people do not watch TV, do not read the newspaper's largest publications, only local news. Therefore, residents of the community get their information from each other and "Shomrey" — observers.


Ultra-Orthodox Jews who inhabit the London district of Stamford Hill, disillusioned with the Metropolitan Police and have created their own organization to maintain order and security. (See also In London, a Jewish detachment DND).

The organization received the Hebrew name "A-Shomrey" ("Guardians"), there is one and a half years and has a membership of 22 volunteers. Members of the "A-Shomrey" in jackets with emblems of their organization patrolling the streets of the Jewish quarters, and are ready to assist, if necessary.

Department "A Shomrey" also opened in another Jewish area of London — Golders Green.

Shimi Goldstein, who coordinates the "A-Shomrey," said the patrol Jewish organization on a summons to the house of a citizen in a minute. The police get a little longer, he says. According to Goldstein, "vigilantes" rarely resort to violence, their arrival is usually enough to make the thief fled the scene. But sometimes they have to use force, for example, to hold the offender until police arrived.

Chief Superintendent Steve Bending Police said that is not too pleased with the creation of such a structure. According to him, the community self-defense groups can cause dissatisfaction of other communities as well as the organization only protects its own, apart from this, volunteers are sometimes put themselves at risk. In addition, he says, "And Shomrey" may unwittingly hinder the investigation, accidentally damaging any evidence at the crime scene. But the municipality has supported the creation of self-defense units, because the police are too much work, and they are struggling to cope with the load.

Members of the "A-Shomrey" underwent special training courses in counter-terrorism department of the Metropolitan Police, although the police are suspicious of this organization and is called "A Shomrey" potential "vigilantes." With that disagree leaders of the Jewish community in London. The rabbis say that the organization "A Shomrey" — a courageous young people working for the good of the community.

Michael Levi of the Conservative Party believes that the police will soon get rid of prejudices and verify the effectiveness of the "A-Shomrey" as an auxiliary structure. He recalled that the police usually she encourages the creation of quarterly self-defense groups.

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