The pace of the flag

Speech by U.S. Senator Albert Beveridge was delivered September 16, 1898 d in Indianapolis (Indiana) and was aimed at the main provisions and the political slogans of the Republican election campaign on the eve of the midterm elections in the U.S. Congress. It has played a significant role in the decision of the Senate to approve the annexation of the Philippines and helped popularize the foundations of the imperialist foreign policy of the United States in the early XX century. Beveridge entered into active political use terms "divine mission", "prevailing interest", "political proximity", "geographical predestination," "self-defense", "assigned to more than the title of", etc. are widely used in theoretical writings and speeches of American advocates of territorial acquisitions.


Albert J. Beveridge (1862-1927)

God gave us a beautiful earth; land that can feed and clothe the world, the earth, whose coastline could cover half the countries of Europe; land, standing like a sentry between two majestic oceans of the globe, a greater England with a nobler destiny.

He put on this earth powerful people — people arising out of the strongest in the history of human kind, the people, the continuously expanding mature, courageous, hard-working people from all over the world; people of the highest category by virtue of their power, by law he created institutions of power dictated them over the goal — propagandists, not beggars stories. God gave His chosen people of the glorious history — the history of the heroic, full of faith in our mission and our future; history of statesmen who spread the boundaries of our Republic to unknown lands and wild areas; history soldiers swept through the flaming banner desert mountains and ridges hostile to the gates the setting sun, the story constantly abound the people, who for half a century through the whole continent, the history of the prophets foresaw the consequences of evils inherited from the past, and the martyrs who died for the sake of our salvation from these evils; history divinely logical, in the process of creation of which we are engaged today .

Thus, in the current campaign, the issue is more than a party question. It is an American issue. It is a matter of global scale. Should the American people to continue their march to the trading rule the world? Shall free institutions broaden their blessed reign, but as the children of liberty gain strength for the system to our principles do not possess the hearts of all mankind?

Do not we have the mission to be performed, is not it our duty to the fellow, who should perform? Did God has endowed us with gifts beyond our deserts and pointed us as a people, enjoying His special favor, only for us to rot in our own selfishness, as people come and states that have chosen the cowardice of his destiny and himself — as deities as is done in China, India and Egypt?

Should we act like a person possessing a unique talent and hide it, or as a person who has ten talents and ispolzuyushemu them until they bring wealth? Will we reap the rewards waiting for us on our high performance of our duties? Are we going to conquer new markets for products, our farmers are cultivating manufactured by our factories, sold by our merchants, and, with God's help, new markets for all that will be held in their holds of our ships?

Hawaii became ours; Porto Rico is ours; prayers of her people Cuba finally will be ours; East of the island up to the gate to Asia will, at least, our coal bases, the Liberal government flag flying over the Philippines, and let it be a flag deployed Taylor in Texas and Fremont wafted to coast.

The opposition says that we should not rule the people without their consent. I reply: rule of freedom, stating that any legal rule derives its power in the consent of the governed, it is applicable only to those who are able to self-government. We govern the Indians without their consent, we govern our territories without their consent, we govern our children without their consent. Where they would learn how 6udet our government, if they have not given their consent? Is it not rather the people of the Philippines have a fair, humane, civilized Government of our Republic savage, bloody rule of thieves and extortionists, which we released him?

And, regardless of this formula, intended for an enlightened, self-governing people, do not we owe it to the world? Should we return these nations in foul-smelling hands that we rescued them? Should we leave them, when Germany, England, Japan crave them? Should not we save them from these countries and provide them with self-management in a tragic situation?

They ask us how we manage these new lands. I answer: management techniques are determined based on local conditions and requirements of the situation. If England can govern foreign lands, then America can. If Germany can govern foreign lands, then America can. If they can control protectorates, then America can. Why on earth is that Hawaii was more difficult to manage than New Mexico or California? When they come under our authority, and here and there was a wild and alien population, the two territories were at a greater distance from the center of government than the Philippines today.

Did you witness his vote that the U.S. ability to control weakened, a century of self-government did not bring results? Confirm whether you their vote, that you no longer believe in American power and practical sense? Or are you stating that we are one of those who rule our hearts — hearts of those who dominates our mind and spirit belong to those who are called to lead? Think you that we are doing just what our fathers have done — we just split the tent of freedom, moving further west, further to the south — we only continue the march of the American flag?

Marsh flag! In 1789, the flag of the Republic waved over four million souls in thirteen states and of their wild area extending to the Mississippi, Canada and Florida. The timid minds of those days warned that we do not need new territory, and for the time they were right. But Jefferson, whose mind reflects centuries of history, Jefferson, who dreamed of Cuba as a U.S. state, Jefferson, the first imperialist Republic — Jefferson acquired the vast territory stretching from the Mississippi to the mountains, from Texas to the British possessions, and then began the march of the flag!

Betrayed the faith in freedom rampage, but the march of the flag went on! The rights to the excellent of the ground, from which were formed Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana, have not decided yet, although the former Jefferson strict creator of constitutional law, made under its inherent momentum of the Anglo-Saxon, password, which then, and remains so until today all the world is the word "Forward!".

And today, subject to the same voice that is heard and obeyed him Jefferson, who heard and obeyed him to Jackson, who heard Monroe and obeyed him, who heard and obeyed him Seward, who heard Grant and obeyed him, who heard Garrison and obeyed him, our current president are hoisting the flag over the islands of the sea, over the outposts of commerce, citadels of national security — and the flag march continues!

But the opposition is right — there is a difference. We did not need the western Mississippi Valley when we took possession of it, did not need either Florida or Texas or California or royal province far to the north-west. We did not have immigrants to populate such a vast wilderness area, there was no money for its development, not even a road to master it. On this vast wild space did not exist conditions for trade. And our production does not exceed the capacity of our trade. There was no single reason for the acquisition of new lands, except that in our statesmen from Jefferson to Grant's prophetic spirit was strong and had a sense of belonging to the Saxon race. But today, we grow more than we can consume, produce more than we can use. Because we need to find new markets for our products.

And for this reason, although the grounds, which we possess in the previous century, and then we did not need, we really need what we purchased in 1898, and we need it now.

Trade of the Republic of excellence means that our country is destined to be a factor for peace in the world, because future conflicts are bound to be conflicts of trade — the challenge za markets, trade war for existence. A golden rule of the world is occupied by the position and strength of the guarantees of military readiness. As a result, we see England, the greatest strategist of history, hoisting his flag in Gibraltar, in Quebec, Bermuda, Vancouver — everywhere.

So, Hawaii provided us with a naval base in the heart of the Pacific, located on several islands Ladrones gave us another one. Then, Manila was another base, the door to Asia — that Asia, the trade with which hundreds of millions of American merchants, manufacturers, farmers have the same rights as their counterparts in Germany, France, Russia or England, Asia, whose trade with one Only the UK annually gives hundreds of millions of dollars, Asia, the acquisition of additional products which hopefully looks Germany, Asia, whose doors do not have to be forced down to the American trade. After five decades, the bulk of the eastern trade will be ours.

There are so many real cases awaiting implementation: digging canals, laying railways, deforestation, urban construction, cultivation fields, the conquest of markets, launching ships, rescue people, the proclamation of civilization, the hoisting of the flag of freedom, waving in the wind all the seas. Is it worth it at this hour to waste time windbags, referring to the laws of nature? Pazve time now handing our destiny talkers and destroyers of prosperity? No! Now is the time to remember our duty to our homeland. This is the hour of awareness of opportunities open to us by fate. Therefore, the time has come when we must rally around the government.

We can not shirk our duty to the world, and we have to do the commandment of fate that led us to the heights to which we did not expect. We can not leave the land on which Providence has launched our banner, it is our duty to save this land of freedom and civilization.

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