The Pentagon — fiend

The fact that the Pentagon is doing in the world is going on and inside the Pentagon. Recent data presented in the study of agency SWAN (Service women's action network is an original research in the format of PDF, given here) Addresses military relations in the Pentagon, will make anyone wonder. However, there is a hatred of all these people carrying in the world is not free, and all the most disgusting and the lowest, which is generally only possible to imagine. It's safe to say that the scum who get up to all these filthy things cause enormous harm to the country and make us think that all of America is one of the great evil that the world will have to pay their existence.

The Pentagon certainly hides data as you can, but at the disposal of our portal appeared PDF copy of the study, the appearance of which the Pentagon is not happy and even tried to hinder in any way the fact that the document is the mass availability. I would like to know why would it in the Pentagon decided that such an attitude to the negative phenomena in the behavior of their own troops may be legitimate. On what basis does the criminal offenses covered by the high command, and why these people are still not behind bars. Under American law concealment of the crime, it's the same crime.

So what actually is at stake. What the Pentagon is guilty? In fact, the reputation of the Pentagon's worse than ever, and the CIA no better. After all these secret CIA prisons, Abu Ghraib, and the pictures of prisoners being raped, left to wonder long-suffering Muslims. One can only imagine the horror with which hatred and watching religious people who worship Allah and his family on this organized crime group worldwide. Armed with the latest technology, without any restriction in the media, without the "extra" moral prejudices reinforced by private armies, which are at all like some scum, that's what today guests of Western civilization in the East. Cases of sexual tyranny in general, are well-known, but well-known democratic press prefers to keep silent about it, in the best case to mention this in passing. The Western media are trying to give it the appearance of individual violations.

However, not only the Muslims have hard on these "guests." In the army itself reigns incredible. It is well known that the lawlessness, degraded man. This is what happens with the guards in areas where there is chaos, they become no better than the prisoners descended. The same thing prevails in the army which itself creates chaos. According to the above-mentioned organization SWAN numbers are staggering.

So according to this organization in 2010 alone, 19,000 women have been raped by co-workers. Since the end of World War II, the figure is 500,000. In reality, the scale is much higher. Approximately 80% had been raped do not report the incident for fear of retaliation. But even those who have made a complaint to the command almost never got the necessary help. Immediate commander has the right to ignore the complaint. In such cases, the commander said that raped (tion) he (a) provoked such actions colleagues. There are of course other sources speak of violations, but the command of the desperately close eye on it.

Truth in the U.S. Army to achieve is not possible. 33 percent of military personnel do not report incidents of illegal because the commander is a friend raped. In 25 percent of cases of raping himself is the one to whom it is to report these violations. Even in the service of the investigations going on something terrifying. A former employee of the Criminal Investigation Department-CID (Criminal Investigation Division) Sergeant Mila Haider says that "there is no way to avoid it, there are only two ways to either commit suicide or to desert." Mila herself Haider was raped in 2002, an officer on duty who had to stop such displays in her military unit. This fighter against sexual violence had already been under investigation for abuse of several female soldiers.

However, there is little that he has not been charged, in the end, he went on, at the end of the contract, he became the head of a major U.S. corporation and the employee is raped there. He managed to get out again, and now he is living happily ever after in the New York borough of Queens and receives a military pension. The victim Haider was dismissed without any privileges after nine and a half years of service.

The former U.S. Air Force officer Michael Matthews tried to kill himself in the garage. He was raped in 1970. "I was 19 when I went into the dining room, the next thing I remember, I was lying on the ground, two soldiers held me, and the third took off my pants. I struggled hard, I was beaten and told to shut up, or they'll kill me. They ruined my life. "

Filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering who shot the film The Invisible War (Invisible War) deserve credit for having raised their voices in the name of victims of violence in the army of men and women of all ages, origins and races.

The servicemen Suzanne Swift came to Iraq in 2004. Almost immediately, three sergeants began to harass her with indecent proposals, and when she refused, they just raped her. She had to live in this hell in 2004-2005. "When you're there, you're worse than dirt and everything from soldiers to commanders can do with you whatever they come to mind." Since then, little has changed.

He served in the Marine Corps Ariana Klay said that one of the senior officers told her once that women serving in the U.S. Marine Corps nothing more than an object of sexual gratification infantry-men. That is paying for the service of women in such parts, the state pays for sex services to its soldiers. It turns out that it's legalized prostitution in the army, that's what the Pentagon today.

Marine Barracks in Washington, DC is just one mile from the White House. They are involved in the celebrations and funeral arrangements. Ariana Clay tells what's going on in these barracks. The so-called "happy hours" begin at 3:00 in the afternoon and continue until 2:00 am. Arrived in the unit Clay, immediately got into circulation. She was told to drink in this subdivision must all.

"The atmosphere in the Marine barracks in Washington, DC is just terrible. People demanded sexual favors from me, "said former Navy officer Elle Helmer. "I was ordered to drink. The service began with "right off the bat." I was taken by the pubs and bars, and the purpose of my commanders had a drink in each of them, all paid for the United States Marine Corps. " It seems so break the civic consciousness of recruits and essentially turn them into animals. This is apparently a standard procedure in the army and it marked under the appropriate money. So the state can not say that it is about this knows nothing. Not only does the state not only knows, but all it takes an active part paying the "banquet".

The value of human life and dignity is so widely proclaimed by Western foundations, the U.S. Army does not cost anything. So for the sale of "dose" of drugs soldier gets 4-5 years in prison for the rape and just two weeks outfits to work. Not the fact that it came to that at all, but even if it comes, it's a funny sentence gives the offender a sense of purification, "Well I also punished, then on completion of the sentence I'm clean!". After that everything is usually repeated over and over again. All it takes years.

April 14, 2012, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta watched the film "The Invisible War." Two days later, he was ordered to bring to justice the direct commanders in these parts. Attorney Susan Burke says that Panetta confronted with the fact that the strings are to the commanders at a higher level, it was a very modest attempt to change something and it does not lead to a decrease in violence and an increase in prosecutions.

But Mr. Panetta can now say that he was trying to deal with violence in the army, but as the saying goes "against the green serpent, snake wins." But whether Mr. Panetta sincere opponent of violence in the military, he would be the first thing stopped gratuitous drink in the barracks next to the White House. Mr. Panetta, we will not believe! And we believe that insufficient efforts to prevent violence in the U.S. Army, and therefore in American society, it is also a criminal act.

Connivance, it is also a crime at least official, and given the gravity and mass committed crimes should be pursued criminally. If Panetta can not stop their "eagles" that we talk about poor Afghans and Iraqis? Mr. Panetta today should be understood that once would have to answer for it all. Do not think that the punishment will bear the actual perpetrators of violence, but those who did nothing to improve the situation, did not allow human rights organizations to the army damaged the image of the country and tremendous psychological damage to countries where farms today sexy chaos and lawlessness, money laundering and drug trafficking, obliged to answer. Their wines are much greater than the fault of Karadzic and Milosevic. How can you even be surprised that Muslims so united against this shit?

You might think that to prosecute anyone fail. However, this does not mean that we should not even try. So attorney Susan Burke in 2011 filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of 18 men and women have been sexually abused. The defendants in the case were to be former secretaries of defense minister Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates. The verdict would laugh even climb trees infantile sloth. In December 2011, the court dismissed the lawsuit ruling that rape is an occupational hazard of military service. In March 2012, Burke's lawyer has filed a new lawsuit against the tyranny of a Marine barracks in Washington. There is a very strong possibility that in this case the claim will be accepted for consideration, and the guilty will be punished. Taking into account the case law of the American justice can be understood that other claims will fall just on the Pentagon and Rumsfeld, Gates and Panetta will still have to meet.

From the previous verdict that now need to judge the federal government for committing illegal and unconstitutional conditions while serving in the U.S. Army, leading to such risks. Furthermore, such a verdict equates fighting with the "enemy" with the possible use of firearms against colleagues. If the risks are equal, then the answer should be equal. Everyone knows that the primary responsibility of the United States military is to take all measures to protect themselves, and only secondarily it is to combat the problem. Given that in all cases of rape present a threat to life, because every time it was said, "Shut up or we'll kill you" and means that commanders can not be attained, it seems that the only way to defend their honor and dignity of life itself is just shoot you like a dog commander who violence or condone violence.

Write such articles are very hard on the eve of Independence. The founding fathers of this country proclaim freedom for the country and its citizens. Was adopted by a wonderful constitution that today more and more trampled upon by those who choose to own and interpret national interests of the United States.

There can be no such interests that lead to criminal offenses systematically robbing the country and humiliation of its citizens. It is the interests of the criminals in power. Who they are wonderful gentlemen? Yes, you see them on the screen every day. Acquainted with the details of these materials is legitimate to assume that people are seeing on television the next retired or active military not only did not believe what he says, but will think this man was carrying lawlessness across the world, it's a rapist on their own soldiers or concealer such crimes , it's a killer of innocent, hell is not where there is far, people from hell here they are the most important screens of the country.

May give the impression that the combat readiness of the army above all. For example before the military operation the soldiers do not give access to newspapers and the media. Why, it's completely unnecessary measure. Well, who are interested in some of the newspaper when the "swill" in bars and pubs free! Napivshiysya to the brutish state of the soldier or Marine least burdened by moral constraints. In comparison to other armies of the difference is small. In the Bundeswehr is going the same. Zubotychiny and broken teeth, soldiers and even this does not tell anybody. However, there is something about what makes sense to talk about.

The reader probably knows what happens in cases of lawlessness in the Russian army. It must be confessed, there is abuse and there. However, the difference here is that the U.S. Army Soldiers morally devastated and scared. Maximum of what they dare to complain to the authorities. In the Russian army in such cases it often ends with execution of those responsible. So what you say. It's no better. From the criminal point of view is not better, but it shows that the Russian is at the core that does not allow them to "bend over his knee." You can not feed the Russian soldier, you can not arrange his life, you can trick him and get to work on the general's summer residence, but you can not count on his acquiescence in the case of sexual violence. You will always be in his crosshairs. Russian did not forgive nor his own, nor those of others. With these guys better not to fight.

Holiday "Thanksgiving" in the U.S. is associated with gratitude to God who gave the American people the opportunity to live in a democratic society. But people trampling social norms and laws, the author mercilessly struck off the list of congratulations. This is the shame of the nation, it's criminals, it is corrosion of our society. Today they say about democracy in Asia just those that democracy ruthlessly trampled. These people have a terrible disservice to the country, its people and its ideals. Yes people at all? To say about these — a fiend!

Remembering history when Maj. Nidal Hasan suzhby medical, psychiatrist shot 12 fellow soldiers at Fort Hood (Fort Hood) in Texas, which we previously wrote in the article "U.S. Defense Secretary rightly afraid of their own soldiers," one wonders whether he was wrong. Understanding what is happening now in the Pentagon, it seems that other possibilities to influence the situation because he simply was not. He understood what goes on and defended not only the honor of their odnovertsev in distant Afghanistan and Iraq, but it could be just could not control myself. Anger accumulated in it every day when he was about duty, had to listen to what they were doing military in the Muslim faith.

The White House has repeatedly said that is not at war with Islam. With this you can probably agree, because the soldiers the Pentagon not discriminate against anyone of any gender or by religion or by race. They raped all together and having fun.

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