The premiere of the first Russian car minozaschischennoy

Military-industrial company unveiled opened in Moscow on the 15th International Exhibition of State Security "Interpolitex-2011" a new special police vehicle VPK-3924 SPM-3 "Bear".


"SPM-3 is designed to be used as a vehicle and operational and service machines in counter-terrorism operations, operations to stop the riots, the tasks of territorial defense," — said a spokesman Sergei Suvorov at the show.
The company expects to begin 2013 with serial deliveries of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs of the first domestic car minnozaschischennoy "Bear." As the general director of "MIC" Sergei Galkin, currently a prototype "Bear" passes the state tests, which are scheduled to be completed in April 2012.
"Just two days before the show we rolled the car out of the freezer, where for two weeks were her test at a temperature of minus 50 degrees. The machine started up with no problems, "- said Galkin. Previously tested "Bear" in a hot climate, in the steppes of Astrakhan, then in the Caucasus Mountains. To complete the testing required to implement a run on 12,000 km, in addition, "we have to undermine it and rake." — Informed Galkin.

"After the state tests we were promised an order for an experimental batch, which we hope will be at least 30 vehicles, — he said. — We expect that in 2013 we start putting serial deliveries of the "Bears" Russian police.

The head of the "military-industrial complex," the company will be able to implement industrial supplies up to 300 cars a year. He did not predict the possible amount of the contract from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, however, informed that the power ministry intends to replace all of the BTR-80 on the machine "Bear", "and this is 1000 units."

Galkin says that "Bear" is a huge export potential. It is comparable to, and in some characteristics superior to their foreign counterparts, the head of the company, "the more that standard minnozaschischennye machines produce, as far as I know, only two countries — the United States and South Africa."

"We are already engaged in consultations with potential customers, and we can do it directly, because the machine is designed for the benefit of the Interior Ministry, not the Defense Ministry of Russia", — said Galkin. Among the potential buyers he called traditional partners "military-industrial complex" — the CIS countries, Southeast Asia, Latin America, North Africa. company also plans to co-production of "The Bear" with foreign partners.

"Bear" is designed for the transportation of personnel at the march, it protects the crew from firearms and destructive factors of explosive devices, toxic substances, and special.

Armored vehicles with a higher degree of protection against explosions on anti-vehicle mines, roadside bombs or improvised explosive devices in recent years have become widespread in many countries. Abroad program is implemented MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected — mine resistance and protection from the actions of the ambush).

SPM-3 "Bear" is a certified vehicle and a full member of the road, do not require special maintenance of traffic police. In volume the crew compartment of the machine can accommodate up to 7 fully-equipped fighters, not including the driver and the vehicle commander. Wide-hinged doors at the rear provide a convenient landing and quick dismounting personnel transported under cover of the machine.

The machine is applied differential protection. The body and vehicle armor windows "hold" hit the 7.62-mm armor-piercing bullets B-32 fired from a distance of 100 m from the SVD, and the erosion under the wheel of an explosive device equivalent to 7 kg of TNT. In this case, all the members of the crew inside the vehicle will not receive any serious injuries or wounds.

Gross vehicle weight — 12.8 tons, load capacity — 1200 kg, wheel formula — 4×4, clearance — 450 mm; crew — 2 people.; Troopers — 7 persons., Max. speed: the highway — 110 km / h on the road — 30-45 km / h on the highway cruising range — 1000 km.

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