The Prophecies of Nostradamus, the Pope and the End of the World



Francis Pope will be the last leader of the Vatican, in whose reign the sky will be another sun, whereupon the death of the Vatican and the end of the world. It is said (perhaps) in the prophecy of the famous French astrologer and prophet Nostradamus.

The symbol of the appearance of a second sun might come true this year. Comet S/2012 S1, which is also called ISON, can be observed on the Earth since November 2013 to mid-January 2014. But in November, it will reach its perihelion and become extremely bright, TSN reports with reference to The Daily Telegraph.

Scientists suggest that the comet ISON may be brighter than the full moon. Also, it can be seen by the naked eye during the day, as well as the sun. According to the prophecies of Nostradamus, after such a phenomenon in the sky "the great of Rome will die," and for seven days will burn everything on Earth. The researchers say that the French astrologer rarely in the prophecies of the Vatican called "the great of Rome."

When the damage of the sun will then be the
In broad daylight the monster will be seen:
Each will interpret it differently,
The high cost is not saved: no one will be ready.

Will appear to the north
Not far from Cancer the bearded star:
Souza, Sienna, Boethius, Eretrion,
Death of the high of Rome, the night passed.

End of the world after the election of the Pope and the Holy Malachi describes. In particular, his verse 112 says: "At the end of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will lead their sheep through many troubles. And when they run out, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the Day of Judgment will begin. End "- concludes the prophecy.

Since all the popes are successors of the apostle Peter, the rule of "Peter the Roman" may well be perceived as a symbol of the Pope Francis.

However, this same prophecy recalled after the election of Pope John Paul II. In turn, the physicist Isaac Newton calculated that a doomsday likely to occur in the year 2060, but not before.

According to media reports

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