The reality in the U.S. worse than any horror movie

In the city of Joliet in Illinois four teenagers killed two guys for sex with their corpses.

As the The Daily Mail, One of the killers Josh Miner remembered that his girlfriend — 18-year-old Alice Massaro — once told him that she wanted to have sex with a dead man. He invited her to embody sexual fantasy, but first she refused. Several days later, Alice changed her mind and agreed to have sex with the dead.

Then her lover, along with a friend — 19-year-old son of a police officer Adam Lendermanom — decided to kill two African-Americans. To do this, it piglets another teenage girl named Bethany McKee lure two of his friends in the house Massaro. Bettany promised victims to do with them in group sex. However, when the boys went into the house to them, and attacked Miner Lenderman.

Victims tied up and strangled. After that Alice Massaro and Bettany McKee engaged in sex with dead bodies. Parents of the victims reported to the police about the disappearance of their sons after they were unable to contact them for a week.

"This is the most severe case for all 27 years of my practice. Not only the scene of the crime, but his motive is so disgusting that it is very difficult to drive this thing "- Mike Trafton said police. All four participants in the crime were detained. The police finds out if there was any racist overtones in the murder of two guys who were black.

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