The residents of the village in the Kiev region scary haunted house


The residents of the village of Villeneuve in the Kyiv region scary haunted house. Plain, at first glance, hut overgrown with stories that can be compared to horror movies.

People believe that the walls of mud huts settled or a ghost, or some other evil. And at night, if you listen closely, again, according to local, from her strange cries are heard. Most complain about those who live next door. Lydia D. so frightened by the evil spirit that even stopped going out.

But Barbara V.,
who lives right of the house is protected in another way — prayers. The house has got a bad name because of suicides and murders committed by people who lived in it. It is now known about for at least three deaths associated with the house.

"A few years ago the owner of the house went to another place where committed suicide. And just last year, the mistress of the house, too, was found dead," — said the representative of the Kiev police Nicholas Zhukovich.

Already the owner of the other in mud hut to settle did not, and it has decided to equip the production of sweets. Instead of her house left a young keeper.

"The owner, who came did he comment on this ground any resentment. Young guy, taking the knife wounds inflicted several men" — added Zhukovich.

Correspondent Ivan Grebenuk went in search of evil forces with a psychic.

"When we came here, I wanted to immediately protect themselves. You too much not go here" — advised crew Sarmatian oracle Marina Antoniuc.

After these rituals, the psychic hits the conclusion: "I have a feeling that at this point whether it was a cemetery, whether a burial."

Members confirm that the cemetery was, and the new is located just a few hundred meters from the house. The psychic told about that horrible story of this place began hundreds of years ago. There were also mass murder, and witches. A recent three deaths — this is only the result of the accumulated negative.

"They push people or suicide, that is, to some inappropriate behavior. This was not one death and more will die. Moreover, death of a woman very soon" — heralds the oracle.

The psychic believes that it is impossible to live in the house, and clear it from the negative — as well. Too much has accumulated. The only thing that suggests — is to demolish the mud hut and extension, and in their place to plant trees. A neighbor, whose windows overlook this house, she had me on the window salt.

Now daub sealed by police officers in connection with the investigation of the death of the latter. To be or not to be home — it's already owners. But people continue to evade him by.


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