The special squad Russia ordered two An-148

Special flying squad "Russia", which caters to senior officials, issued an order for two short-range turbojet aircraft An-148 wrote on Friday, Russian media quoted a source in the aviation industry.

The contract for the supply of two An-148 was signed by the Office of Presidential Affairs of Russia (UDP) in December, a source told "Izvestia".

A spokesman Victor UDP Hrekov confirmed the publication of the contract signing, refusing further elaboration: he referred to the appointment of aircraft and the associated level of secrecy. In "United Aircraft Corporation" (UAC) declined to comment on the details of the transaction with the UDP for the same reasons of secrecy.

Source "News" said that both aircraft will be built with VIP-cabins, and, therefore, will be designed specifically for top officials. Delivery of the first ship is scheduled before the end of 2012, the second — in the beginning of next year. However, most likely, it will also be delivered to the customer before the end of this year, according to a source in the aviation industry.

The AN-148 are available at the Voronezh aircraft factory, which has extensive experience in aircraft for the presidential prizvodstva riot. Now it is working on long-haul four Il-96-300, ordered UDP.

According to the publication, currently flying on these boards are performed on 32 destinations, including 19 Russian cities, 10 points and three other countries — the countries of the CIS.

In a special squad "Russia" has already begun preliminary work to obtain a new type of aircraft. Last Wednesday announced the first tender for the selection of a training organization for training and commissioning of the cabin crew for the An-148. While we are talking only about the flight attendants. Indicated the need to prepare 100 nor more than 1.2 million rubles.

According to Victor Hrekova, now there is a complete modernization of the aircraft fleet of the presidential aircraft division by 2015, older aircraft it will not. The representative of the UDP does not exclude that in the future may be decided on the purchase of regional and domestic aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet.

"Superjet have to go through the proper run-in. There are rules by which the new aircraft to be operated two years before we deal with their purchase, "- he said.

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