The specialists of KBAL them. Koshkin the new technology of cartridges

Russian developers of JSC "Design office automated lines im.L.N.Koshkina" have created the latest production technology rounds. Instead of scarce and expensive non-ferrous metals (brass) used in many countries for the manufacture of cartridges with different characteristics in Russia focuses on the rotary technology of the manufacture of casings steel corrosion resistant coating. Cartridges with a metal sleeve in the polymer coating to arsenal. They have a high resistance to exploitation, and the time of their application (service) is 40 years old. Analogues of this coating does not exist. According to the General Director of JSC "Design office automated lines im.L.N.Koshkina" (JSC "KBAL them. Koshkin") from Moscow, Nikolai Klimovsk Maslyaev, KBAL professionals built the equipment for applying environmentally friendly polymeric coating on the metal sleeve that reduces the cost of production of cartridges several times.

Among the latest developments KBAL automatic gear plastic clips to 15 pieces in each cartridge (ASOP-15), automatic vacuum packing cartridges in plastic film (AVU).

The state armament program for the period up to 2020 has set the task of producing cartridges 2-3 times increase the possibility of small arms. For the development and improvement of SALW at the present stage requires new cartridges that provide effective fire at long range and maintaining appropriate weight and size characteristics of the weapon. At the same time, significant stocks of outdated ammunition disposal.

In the framework of public procurement KBAL conducted development work and has developed a process recycling cartridges of 5.45 mm, 7.62 mm and 9 mm, and a set of special technological equipment for recycling, disposal and cleanup of hazardous gaseous products of recycling mercury vapor, according to ARMS-TASS. Process technology razsnaryazhenie cartridge into its constituent elements, the collection of powder and thermal demercurization capsule. Thus the basic elements and materials can be used for the second cartridge. Gunpowder is rejuvenated by recycling. Liner can be used again in the hunting-fishing and sport-hunting cartridges.

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