The Story of a protracted

By work, I often have to fly on business trips. And each time, arriving in one of the cities, I sincerely wonder: why the plane is landing in a small old airport, which was built in the 30's of last century, when standing next to the new complex, much more roomy and comfortable. But for some reason not working.

With the new airport was linked instructive story, a long and sad. The familiar, in general.

In the early 90's in there for three airport. But the opportunities for expansion of the two of them were very limited due to the fact that they were in the city. In the case of a third because of the protests of local residents, it was decided not to extend his. Meanwhile, passenger traffic grew, and take some action was necessary.

Therefore, if the same has been sounded very sensible idea — to combine all three airports, built one on the capacity of the existing superior. In addition, to make it out of the city for possible future expansion.

However, as is often the case, from the birth of an idea to its realization may take more than one day or even one year. In our case, the design process took (I'm not kidding!) 15. During this time, the airport was replaced by the estimated ownership. It was planned that the airport operator is a private company, but later on decided to abandon this idea. Paying with two private companies that participated in the contest by 2 billion rubles. For the development of its own projects, and directly participate in the competition. After that, the airport moved to full ownership of the federal and regional authorities.

Finally, in September 2006, began construction. The project cost is estimated at 60 billion rubles ($ 2 billion). Opening date has been scheduled for October 31, 2011.

But, of course, this was only the beginning of the story. Because in 2010, it became clear that the deadline will not be able to hand over the airport. Therefore, the opening date was moved to June 3, 2012. In order not to leave the city without air service was planned a grand event for dismantling and transportation of the equipment from the other two airports (the third by that time had safely shut down.) By cutting off roads for transportation, hundreds of truckloads of equipment and online news reports from the scene.

But about a month before the start of this exciting action revealed the following: designing company in the design violated the requirements of the legislation regarding fire safety (actually, it was found out during the mandatory testing for acceptance of the building in operation). Therefore, neither of which the opening of the airport in time is not out of the question. And the date was moved again — in the spring of 2013. During that already, of course, very few people believed.

And the miracle happened. The winter of 2012 it was announced the extension of the work by October 2013.

Meanwhile, in the spring of the 2013th deadlines airport was moved to 2014. Month wisely decided not to call, apparently to save yourself room to maneuver. However, some say more is on the next, 2015 year. And then, if you're lucky.

The story was so much more interesting. And the original proposal was to improve fire protection system by introducing an additional 700 staff employees who have been following the situation at the airport (this idea for some reason did not approve.) And finding a conceptual smoke output during a possible fire on the pipes laid under the ground, despite the fact that, as we know from physics lessons, hot air tends to go up, not down. And the ventilation shafts arranged in such a way that they could be filled with rain water west side of the building's facade.

Special attention is given the cost of the project. Initial estimates has almost tripled, from 60 billion rubles ($ 2 billion) to 171 billion rubles ($ 5.7 billion). And after the last delay, this amount is clearly due to the increase in construction costs, the maintenance of the building in working condition, the need to operate two of the old airport, and loss of profits. To say how many will eventually be worth building, not taken one.

In general, as always, had a drink and it was built is not known, spent the people's money, and the result — both from the company "RUSNANO".

The most interesting in this story — the city where it all happens. And it does not operate without Ufa and Samara. We're talking about the capital of Germany, Berlin. With vechnostroyaschimsya airportBerlin Brandenburg International Airport — BBI. That Germany itself, which leads to an example at every opportunity, when you have to say about the failure of projects in Russia.

Communicating with their friends, acquaintances, colleagues, I often hear: "Well, what do you want — it's Russia. It does not make it right. " Whether it is a bad road in Bezhetsk Tver region, about traffic jams in Moscow on corruption scandals in the preparation for the Olympic Games or the failures at start of GLONASS satellites.

For some reason we're trying to convince yourself that in Russia it is impossible to implement any major project without "cuts", theft, irresponsible and incompetent managers. That, in principle, impossible in Russia to create a comfortable environment for the community. That you! Do you want comfort — emigrate to Europe. Do not even think that this is possible in our country. Some, especially advanced, even learned to find these arguments some perverse pleasure (I personally inaccessible).

Once all this is — nonsense. We incompetence, irresponsibility, theft and corruption scheme has no nationality, as there is no any special mentality. Including the "Russian". And the saga of the construction of the airport in Berlin — is an example.

But at the incompetence, irresponsibility and theft is a specific human names. Wearing are so easy to hide behind some magic formula, they say, "In Russia all steal" and continue to take bribes. Conveniently decide that Russia will always be a mess, admire the perfect order in Europe — and, returning to his homeland, to continue to throw cigarette butts out the car window. Convenient, is not doing the job on time, blame others and "constructive Russian inability to systematic work." Himself, of course, on these "Russian" previously separated.

And I think I can guess why. Just take responsibility for what is happening, to require the fulfillment of the obligations themselves, somewhere to limit yourself to set goals and strive to achieve them — it's so hard! Not to mention the fact that not only think about their own interests but also the interests of the society in which you live. And the phrase "in this country we live in" — she takes responsibility personally with you. Allows you to live in your cozy little world, as cut off from reality, occasionally filling the news feeds in social networks arguments about how all the bad in your country.

Rather than pull myself together and do it. Moving forward himself. And to help move the country not only because of the circumstances, but in spite of them. Realizing that only a healthy society, you'll be able to build their own personal well-being.

Do, as it has repeatedly done by our ancestors. Just look at the map of the world on which one seventh of the land is our homeland, to understand — they have a lot to gain. And that means what happens in our country.

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