The story of the Snowden put before ordinary Americans the right questions

Discussion onwww.cnn.comNews that Snowden met with human rights activists and asked temporary refuge in Russia

— The next step — to declare terrorists human rights defenders

— The best source of information about waste, fraud and abuse in government — is acting in this system, government employee, supporter of democracy and willing to speak out. Such acts of courage and patriotism, which can sometimes save lives and often save taxpayer dollars should encourage, not stifle

-Obama, like Bush, is just another corporate puppet. Another servant of the military-industrial complex.

-Eisenhower warned us about these things many years ago.

— The irony of fate. Is not it ironic that totalitarian states give political asylum to those who escaped from the supposedly free, open and transparent society.

-He is accused of spying. Espionage is the transfer of classified information to the enemy. Snowden passed the information to the American public. So, using the logic of the law … the government is trying to say that the American public is the enemy of the state?

-You must have been in a coma, if you do not know that the government is engaged in domestic spying during the last decades. Thus, the "Information" Snowden gave the American public is pretty useless.

— Snowden is a traitor

— He is not on the side of the American people. It's in Russian with American secrets …

-So you want to continue to spy on us? You want the police everywhere created checkpoints? Do you want to grope your genitals during spot checks. Let me tell you something, this is not for your safety. This is called an ugly word — totalitarianism. They want to get your psychological profile, for every American that they can predict and influence our behavior. This will give the mega-corporations and political parties tool for complete control over you. This program is not for your benefit, and it is not to prevent terrorism! Just over 3,000 people were killed on American soil by terrorism in the past 200 years. The war on terror — just a cover to take away our freedom to securely manage our ruling elite. If you will study the history you will see freedom and prosperity are not the norm, it is a rare exception. The further we move away from the constitution, the deeper we sink into tyranny. You think everything is stupid criminals: burglars wine shops, pickpockets and other thugs. But there is a class of criminals who are ten times more dangerous, they wear suits, well-spoken and wears a smile on his face, they rise to the heights of power in government agencies such as the CIA and FBI policy to sell you a dream. If you have not noticed, we're in big trouble, and it happened in part because people who do not see anything wrong with the government without a warrant sanctions and can easily spy on us. Snowden is not a traitor. Bush, Obama, Bloomberg, McCain, Biden, Nixon, Kissinger, Rumsfeld, and all public officials who pushed America into the abyss are the real traitors.

-You are right, the government loves you.

-What kind of secrets he sold it, if this information was known to everyone who has been in a coma?

— I do not know that he has stored in the laptop, but it is unlikely China and Russia are interested in a good chicken soup recipes. In the end, it did not work at the restaurant. Of course Russia wants to stop the leakage of material for everyone else but her. Do you think they keep it there because they are concerned about human rights? Come on, we're talking here about Russia.

-As a former agent, he had access to much more important information than the one that was leaked to the surface. Information that may ruin us if he opens his mouth. And you want to say that it will not issue? It was not exactly a model citizen.

-You're right, I think that our government is the greatest. I rejoice in the knowledge that I was being watched. It makes me feel safe :) I'm happy when it's the greatest government is sending our troops to find weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. I am pleased to see — as long as the government is the greatest struggle for "Iraqi Freedom" and our great corporations exploiting cheap slave labor in communist countries, China and Vietnam, our economy is contracting, we lose all of our manufacturing facilities and 47 million Americans are sitting on food stamps. I am happy when the greatest Wal-Mart refuses to pay reasonable wages to their employees to get me out of the taxes paid to them for food stamps and other benefits. I am delighted that His Majesty the mega-bank is allowed to use tax loopholes and it blows billions of dollars from the economy to offshore tax havens. I agree with John McCain, we need to arm Syrian rebel army of Muslim extremists, anti-aircraft missiles. I love everything that the government does …

-I would support Snowden if he was here with the American people. Not in China, which is trying to avoid us, not in Russia, which on any matter not agree with us. Planes that used in the terrorist attack of 9/11, came not from foreign countries. They were taken directly from here, from within the country, which means that the enemies among us. How can they be identified, if not to resort to domestic spying?

— Once again I say, spying does not protect us from terrorists. But if you believe in it so, how are you going to stop them if they refuse phones? Why has the government failed to prevent the attack in Boston, long before even getting this warning from the Russian special services?

— Finally there was some no self-criticism. Interestingly, many people are talking about all these enemies, terrorists, etc., without thinking where they come from. I mean, what if someone looks at contemporary American history, I think he will find enough reasons to justify those people who hate the United States. I'm not talking about ordinary U.S. citizens, I'm talking about the official foreign policy of the U.S. government, which she spent her last years. Then you probably realize that the path to security is not associated with increased surveillance of its citizens.

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