The study of dwarf galaxies deepens the mystery of dark matter

The study of dwarf galaxies deepens the mystery of dark matter Facts

The study of the two neighbors the Milky Way dwarf galaxy in the constellation Sculptor oven and shows a smooth distribution of dark matter. According to scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics familiar cosmological model in which clumps of dark matter at the center of galaxies, may be incorrect.

Like all of the galaxy, the Milky Way contains dark matter. It is invisible, but finds itself due to gravitational effects on other objects. So, without dark matter velocity stars would be shattered in all directions.

According to the usual cosmological models of the universe operates dark energy and dark matter. Most astronomers believe that dark matter consists of cold particles, which, when combined, form a galaxy with time.

However, data obtained in the study of dwarf galaxies, contrary to existing theories. Dwarf galaxies are composed of 99% of dark matter, and only 1% is the matter of the usual stars. Stars in dwarf galaxies swarm like bees in a hive, in contrast to the orderly circular orbital motion in spiral galaxies. This complicates the understanding of the nature of dark matter.

If a dwarf galaxy were a peach, the current cosmological model for the concentration of dark matter must be in the center. But the study of dwarf galaxies in the constellation Fornax and Sculptor are more like peaches without a center.

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