The study of the earth's core with X-ray equipment

The study of the earth's core with X-ray equipment Facts

The new X-ray ID24 will be used to identify the properties of metals and other substances placed under high pressure and temperature. Such experiments are necessary to understand the processes occurring in the Earth's core.

Located 3,000 kilometers under the water, the scientists themselves never fail to reach the Earth's core, although many attempts to drill the outer layer continues. It is assumed that a laboratory experiment will answer the questions of how a magnetic field of the Earth, why it is changing, as the shock waves of earthquakes pass through it.

For the experiment will use a diamond press — a simple way to create a high pressure by placing the samples between the tips of two diamonds processed. Laser beams passed through a diamond, heated samples to temperatures exceeding 10,000 degrees Celsius. With the new X-rays will be determined by the chemical composition and structure of the sample. Reactions that occur during the heating and compression, tracked high-resolution cameras, allowing you to capture every millionth of a second.

X-ray ID24 is the first of eight new rays, whose properties will be studied for 8 years. Cost of the project to date is 180 million euros.

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