The success story of Russian emigrant in Germany


According to statistics, immigrants make up 35-40 percent lower than natives. That is, doing the same job, they get smaller. Actually the government to do and allocate quotas for immigrants to bring in cheap labor. Think about it, why would the state smacked of well-paid jobs, if this place has 100 of its indigenous inhabitants?

Would you, as a director of the company in Russia, to give a good and responsible position immigrant from Asia, who had just arrived in Russia and did not really know the Russian language? Well, the Europeans as well.

I have good friends who have really made progress. Striking fact that the girls get to achieve better media results through their perseverance, patience and dedication Here is one good example. One girl came from a very large city, for example Moscow (no, she was not born there. They had "come in large numbers"), where he successfully worked in the same company. She got married and came here as the wife of a German. At the time, she was 25 years old.

Before the wedding, she was also in Europe and in Germany in particular. Saw about where she will live. But she just fell into a stupor, when with his honors, excellent English and experience working in a large firm in Russia with a degree few years she could not find any more or less normal operation. Go to polomoyschitsy does not really want, and the ego has a very.

Then she realized that she probably did not have enough knowledge of German. Began from morning to night 14 consecutive months to learn German (and her husband spoke only in English). Again the interview, and again no results. My husband says yes if I knew it would be hard for you may not be driving here at all.

We began to think on the expense of having to go back in the hope that her husband will find a job there. At this point, it comes idea to go for MBA course and can then she will raise the odds? Began to learn, and her husband, respectively, provides tuition and living.

And she has successfully completed her MBA and a new look for work. A few months silence. She again into a stupor. Our meetings were held in the "She's crying into my vest, I calm." Her husband, a German does not understand at all why no one wants to take it to work and can do nothing to help.

Again, sending out resumes and interviewing again. The result is zero. There is already and I did not know what to say. It takes several months, and that's a job interview, and said, think. " It takes a couple of months and a new interview. They say "think."

In short, after a while it still took a very nice place where there are no indigenous inhabitants (German). That is, the head of the foreigner, colleagues, too, but the company is very large. She now works and is very happy. Just afraid that the contract is renewed, though I'm sure that will necessarily renewed. Such clever and hard-nosed people I know very little, and these employers are valued. This is the answer to the question "Who better to live here." For those who treacherously goes to the goal, no matter what, working on a morning to night. Years on the flight.

Now she is doing well, but that's only boss does not allow her to have children, alluding to the fact that she can make a career. Capitalism does not tolerate children and mothers. Do you want to live well, no children and weaknesses as a family or sick parents who need help. Want to get to live and work — you must belong to the company almost completely.

Western women do not raise their children and do not give birth, and their careers. If you've lived here, you will see that the image of the mother in the film, advertising and even cartoons are literally destroyed. Not fashionable to be a mother. Fashionable to be a successful woman who is mobile and stylish.

Dean Knyazhev

Never mind the emigrants

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