The third earthquake overtook Turkey. More than 600 dead

The third earthquake overtook Turkey. More than 600 dead Natural Disasters

In Turkey, do not stop the earthquake. November 15, 2011 in eastern Turkey, an earthquake measuring 5.2 — the third time in the last month. The epicenter was in the village Mollakazim province of Van. We have previously reported on the earthquake of November 9, the power of 5.5 in the province of Van and Erdzhish. According to the latest number of victims to 644 persons, Thousands of people were left without homes and forced to fight with the November cold. Even homes that were not destroyed, abandoned because of the fear of another earthquake.

It should be noted that the small earthquakes occurring in other parts of the world. They feel themselves to people of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Italy, Indonesia and Haiti, and feel very small shakes in the Crimea and in the lake. Although scientists do not give importance to them. After the earthquake themselves up 4 points phenomenon is quite commonplace. In a week they can be a few dozen. This is clearly seen on the monitor, which acts on our website.

Are unusual phenomena such as the earthquake of October 23, in the province of Van.Predyduschih two earthquakes turned half-million city of Van, the provincial capital, in the deserted city. Now we can see in Turkey aftershocks (aftershocks). In fact, after every major earthquake in the next year there may be repeated shaking and it is connected to a tension in this part of the earth.

Unfortunately, we still know very little about the frequency of earthquakes. It is known for the fact that now we are in a period when there is an activation of the earth. Delayed it for five years, as scientists predict, and then comes the quiet period. Let us hope that it is so.

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