The U.S. has an opinion about global warming

The U.S. has an opinion about Global Warming Facts

Under the terms of the Kyoto Protocol, the United States was to reduce the amount of gases that cause the greenhouse effect, more than 6% compared with 1990. However, based on data for the years 1990-2010 carbon dioxide emissions have increased by 14%, to 5406.8 tera-gram equivalent instead of 4742.1. Only from 2009 to 2010, CO2 levels increased by 3.7% (192.2 teragrams) compared with 1990.

United States, at the time did not sign the Kyoto Protocol, and calls for equal obligations between developing and leading the country, said that the reasons for such high rates for carbon dioxide were the growth of the domestic economy and increased emissions from the production of electricity and the development of the transport sector in general.

Refusing to reduce the amount of emissions, the U.S. get their hands on a significant part of the atmospheric resource, which was repeatedly outraged representatives of India and China. According to the Indian state, such aggressive position preventing developing countries build their economies, even if taken as a basis for its eco-friendly technology.

In addition to the foregoing, the U.S. denies its leading role in the generation of emissions in the past, though there has long been scientific evidence that harmful gases remain in the atmosphere for a long enough period of time (for CO2 is about 100 years old) and influence the state of the environment in the future.

Such an aggressive position can not be taken lightly ecological community.

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