The victims of the tsunami in Japan, the ghosts of the dead flooded areas


The tsunami in northeastern Japan, which is March 11, 2011 claimed the lives of nearly 19,000 people and left survivors who believe they see ghosts. Some of them have resorted to the help of psychiatrists, many turn to exorcists.

"Places where people see ghosts — mainly those areas that have been completely swept away by the tsunami," — says Keizo Hara, a psychiatrist from the city of Ishinomaki, one of the areas hardest hit by the waves caused by the earthquake sea. — "We believe that such things as ghosts follow the survivors, are probably the mental projection horrific events associated with these places."

Hare believes that the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is now manifested in many people, can be further amplified and the country could face a wave of problems associated with stress.
In some places, destroyed by the tsunami and earthquake, people have reported seeing a ghostly line at the supermarket, on which now only ruins. Taxi drivers say they avoid working in the most affected areas, fearing to take as passengers ghosts.

Shinichi Yamada escaped the wave that destroyed his home, and later found in the wreckage of two Buddhist statues, which brought in temporary housing. Since then, strange things began to happen. His children are sick, family pursues sudden bouts of cold. Pets feel at home someone is watching them. "A couple of times when I was lying in bed, I felt like someone goes through me, stepping over my chest" — Yamada told Reuters.
Despite the appearance of ultra-modern way, many people in Japan adhere to ancient superstitions. Yamada, like many other people in the area, appealed to the exorcist Kansho Aizawa for help. She says: — "People see the headless ghosts. Some lack of hands or feet. Others cut in half. This is a burden on the people who see the mood of the dead in the tsunami."

In the photo: exorcist Kansho Aizawa (R) conducts the ritual of spiritual purification for a woman in her temporary home in Miyagi prefecture, on the eve of the second anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011.

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