Their customs-21. (June 30 — July 7)

July 1. In a nightclub French man opened fire with a machine gun by visitors for being an hour earlier institution guards threw him into the street. Two were killed and five wounded.

July 2. British county of Bedfordshire, the plane crashed at an air show. The pilot was killed.

July 2. During exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, in the course of simulating combat fighter crashed Rafle — the pride of the French defense industry. This is not the first crash of a fighter. So in 2010 in Afghanistan Rafle crashed during a combat mission in 2009 broke two aircraft collided in the sky on training flights.

July 2. 150 demonstratively left the Mormon Church of Latter-day Saints because of the prohibition of same-sex marriages in it

July 3. Two aircraft Tornado British Royal Air Force crashed in the sky over the sea off the coast of Scotland.

July 3. Chief Financial Officer of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia from 2005 to 2011, repeatedly used the church checks to pay personal bills and thus stole from the church, more than 900 thousand dollars. What and confessed in court.

July 3. No sooner had the presidency of France to cool off from the fifth point of Sarkozy, in his office to knock guys out of the department for financial crimes. Traditional succession of power in France — Sarkozy judged Chirac, Sarkozy, Hollande is going to judge …

July 3. The unprecedented heat attacks the east coast of the United States after the devastating storm. Life is more than 2 million people is complicated by the lack of electricity — are not working air conditioners and refrigerators. Authorities promise to fully restore electricity supply for seven days. The situation remains dire. Reported dozens of deaths.

July 3. Hot summer in the United States. In South Dakota, the plane crashed C-130 tushivshy forest fires in the rocky terrain. The pilot was killed. Putting out the fire from the air ceased. The fire has destroyed thousands of hectares of forest and several hundred homes.

July 4. A terrible story of Britain. 45-year-old mother (a former official in the Department of Juvenile) strangled his sleeping children (5 years old, and 11-month-old baby) out of fear that her kids taken away from the guardianship, as her husband was accused of raping his stepdaughter. The court sentenced her to 30 years in prison. Her husband later hanged himself in prison.

July 4. In Germany, a man opened fire during his forced eviction by bailiffs. 4 people died.

July 6. As the U.S. trial of the couple O'Brien. For seven years, the couple made fun of adopted children from Russia, using not just tough, but a truly sadistic punishment. They even developed a system. For various faults children were beaten with sticks and belts, tied up, choked, sprinkle them in the face of pepper spray and tear gas, exhibited naked in the street in the winter or forced to stand in a retracted pen for dogs. In this case, only a couple mocked on adopted children, and their own — two adult native daughters and two sons — helping them to humiliation.

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