Their customs-22. (7 — July 14)

July 8. Secular news from the U.S.. 72-year-old Democratic congressman Barney Frank registered the marriage with her man dreams of 44-year-old Jim Redi. Marriage registered Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. At a ceremony attended by about 300 guests, among them: Senator John Kerry, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, etc. We congratulate the Congressman and the American people on this happy occasion.

July 9. The heat in the U.S. has killed more than 70 people

July 10. In the U.S. state of Delaware in the stadium during a soccer match attackers shot three people.

July 10. The Episcopal Church USA bless same-sex marriages, and in December will marry homosexuals.

July 11. In Virginia arrested a farmer who for 10 years kept his wife on a chain broke her fingers, crush limbs agricultural machinery, seared his back and chest red-hot frying pan, rape, etc.

July 11. For some reason, Americans no longer trust the television. According to the study, the agency Gallup, only 21 percent of viewers respond that they are either fully trust the television or completely trust him. This is the minimum for all the investigations.

July 12. In California, arrested a retired soldier who was brutally raped and murdered a motel maid, 62-year-old Indian woman, and tried to do the same with her 82-year-old mother.

July 12. In the United States will reconsider handed down on the basis of analysis of hair sentences. Erroneous analyzes in the laboratory the FBI could lead to the conviction of the innocent.

July 13. After a rest at the gay wedding of Barney Frank, Congressmen and decided to have some work to do to create a more accurate visibility of feverish activity. To do this, they organized a PR-campaign against the use of the U.S. Olympic team shape and is made in China. We fully support the initiative and call on Congress to go further. Americans should give up not only sportswear MADE IN CHINA, but the whole casual clothes: shorts, T-shirts, shirts, and smash and burn all iPads, televisions, vacuum cleaners, irons, made in China, to return to his evil trillion debt and freed from the Chinese burden with peace of mind to go to the Olympics naked.

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