Their customs-23. (14 — 21 July)

July 17. In sandwiches on board American Airlines Delta Air, designed for business class passengers were found sewing needles

July 17. Unknown shot of bar patrons in Alabama: 17 injured

July 18. In Bulgaria, a suicide bomber blew up a bus with a driver-Bulgarian and Israeli tourists. Eight people were killed and more than 30 injured. Israel blamed for what happened to all the known number one terrorist state in the world — Iran.

July 18. In the U.S. state of Utah forty-year pilot Brian Hedglin, wanted for the murder of his mistress hijacked airliner rammed it several vehicles and the comfort of the cab, shot himself.

July 19. U.S. scientists have made an incredible discovery. It turns out Hollywood movies are pushing teenagers to dissolute life. The scientists analyzed 700 of the most popular Hollywood films from 1998 to 2004. It was found that only 16 of them did not contain the sexual scenes. Favorite film characters created patterns of behavior, teenagers suffer in real life: the early loss of virginity, the frequent change of sexual partners, bisexuality, etc. That is the conclusion the researchers came to comparing the "cultural baggage" interviewed teenagers with their sexual experience.

July 20. The massacre in Colorado movie theater at the premiere of the movie Batman. Embodied in reality Joker — James Holmes — shot and killed 12 people. 59 people were injured, 11 in critical condition.

July 20. In Madrid, taking measures to disperse peaceful mass actions of protest, the police practice shooting at people. Hit 26 targets.

July 21. The military jury found a training instructor at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, guilty in the case of rape and other sexual crimes as victims along which the 31 women. (More on violence in the U.S. Army)

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