Their customs-24. (July 21-28)

June 29. Australian resident received 11 years for the rape of a girl sleeping in a train station. Victim offender was absolutely helpless, as she spent the previous few days could not sleep due to a bout of insomnia and drank alcohol. As a result, she fell asleep dead sleep, and this took a rapist. Man, not only raped her, but his actions and filmed with a video camera smartphone. Do not hesitate presence of passengers on the platform, a rapist cried foul, but the public has chosen not to intervene in the situation.

July 21. Japanese Ministry of Health is investigating the information published in the newspaper Asahi Simbuno that the subcontractor management company TEPCO nuclear forces participants to work in the aftermath of the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" to hide the extent of radiation received. The workers were ordered to put the personal dosimeters in lead cases to fix a lower level of radiation.

July 22. Off the coast of Japan crashed American fighter F-16

July 22. In Georgia, the hurricane damaged more than 2,000 houses destroyed harvests by 38 thousand hectares. Authorities promise to help the victims: "We intend to distribute a certain amount of wine from the state of the affected population, which element has completely destroyed the vineyard, so that at least the New Year they could pick up a glass of wine," said the Prime Minister of Georgia's Interior Minister at a meeting with residents of the most affected areas.

July 23. In Spain, the raging forest fires. Fire destroyed 9,000 hectares of forest. 4 people died.

July 23. Francois Hollande, France pleaded guilty for the death of French Jews to German concentration camps. According to him, only for the 1942 French police have arrested more than 13 thousand Jews and handed them over to the Nazis.

July 23. British border controls (UKBA) has published a report saying that the country's population of 275 thousand illegal immigrants, including 4,000 criminals wanted including Interpol

June 24. In the United States arrested a 24-year-old shipyard worker Casey Fury, which is to leave early from work, started a fire on a nuclear submarine. Could not put out the fire within 10 hours. Damage from the fire was at least $ 400 million.

July 25. In Poland, the power plant, which produces about 7% of the electricity in the country, there was an explosion of coal dust. Lit up the first and second blocks of TPP height of about 40 meters. 4 people hospitalized

Their customs-23

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