Their customs-25. (July 28 — August 4)

July 29. 35-year-old father of the American city of Quincy (Pa.) has kidnapped his daughter from her mother's house, in the course of shooting people. Three of the victims.

July 30. In broad daylight, on a busy street from a moving van shot by unknown 16-year-old boy from a Kalashnikov — Marseille made the 15th murder in a series of crimes involving the redistribution of the market for drug traffickers between the south of France.

July 30. Inspector General of the U.S. reconstruction of Iraq: training program for Iraqi police sawed more than 200 million dollars.

July 30. Seattle Police officers will work under the supervision of an independent commission after mass cases of unjustified use of force against ethnic and racial minorities. For example, a police officer shot a woodcarver Indian John Williams, who was crossing the street with a small knife. Before you start shooting the officer demanded Ulyamsa drop his knife, but gave him to think too little time.

July 31. Inspector on the spending budget, John Sopko, speaking before the U.S. Congress, reported on saw cuts of hundreds of millions of dollars out of the money allocated to the program for Afghanistan and warned of billions of saw cuts ahead.

July 31. U.S. Democrats in the party's program will include the protection of same-sex marriages.

July 31. U.S. presidential candidate — Romney, while the election campaign in Israel (obligatory point of the program for all applicants to live in the White House), has publicly announced the following semantic structure: Jerusalem — the capital of Israel, a good state of the Israeli economy due to the cultural superiority of the Jews over the Palestinians.

August 3. U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) because of false tax returns lost in 2011, more than six billion dollars.

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