Their customs-27 (August 25 — September 2)

August 25. A car with diplomatic plates belonging to the U.S. Embassy was attacked on the highway near the Mexican city of Cuernavaca, about 90 kilometers south of Mexico City. Wounding two embassy employees.

August 25. In the German city of Cologne Zoo escaped tiger tore employee, zabyvshuyu cover up the cage door. Visitors evacuated tiger was killed.

August 28. Mochivshiesya on the corpses of Taliban and Having burnt the Koran U.S. soldiers were disciplined. What is the Pentagon did not specify it can be demotion or reduction in pay.

August 28. U.S. Attorney's Office said the disclosure conspiracy, four U.S. soldiers among soldiers and junior officers were preparing a coup and the assassination of the President of the United States.

August 28. French police conducted a large-scale operation to disperse the gypsy camp near Paris. Recall that one of Hollande's campaign promises was — do not touch the Roma.

August 29. In the American state of Michigan Jewish student Zachary Tennen was attacked. Two men, shouting "Heil Hitler", first beat the guy, and then sewed up his mouth stapled. Witnessed the attack were about 20 people, but none of them intervened and stood up for Jews.

August 30. In Los Angeles, the driver on the Cadillac hundred American Preston Carter ran into a group of students, shooting down 11 people.

August 30. Director of the Bureau of Yahoo News in Washington, David Chelian was fired after a live TV channel ABC cracked a joke about U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney. During transmission Chelian allowed himself to remark that "they (Romney and Republicans) are pleased to have some fun in Florida, while blacks are drowning."

August 30. Employee of the U.S. Secret Service who was set to guard the presidential candidate of the Republican Party Mitt Romney forgot his gun in a plane toilet, where he was later discovered that followed Romney's travel reporter.

August 31. Severe forest fires in the Spanish province of Malaga in the south of the country led to the evacuation of more than five thousand people

August 31. U.S. Justice Department closed the investigation into reports of violence by CIA during the interrogation of suspected terrorists. "The investigation is complete, but the Ministry of Justice decided not to press criminal charges on him … The prosecutor's office reviewed the significant amount of information and the testimony of prisoners. Based on a careful study of the materials relating to the deaths of the two (as a result of the interrogation of prisoners), the Ministry of Justice refused to criminal charges, as the available evidence is insufficient to produce something beyond doubt and "confident" the charges for trial, "- said in a written statement of the head Holder's Justice Department.

Rahman died in November 2001, after having been confined to a cold cement wall in a secret CIA prison in northern Kabul, Afghanistan. He was suspected of having links to "Al Qaeda." Rahman is the only suspect who died in CIA custody.

Al-Dzhamadi died in the notorious military prison "Abu Ghraib" in Iraq in 2003. An autopsy found that the prisoner had committed suicide. The interrogators CIA officers have put al-Dzhamadi in shower cubicle, handcuffed his hands behind his back with handcuffs and tied them to the window bars. At the head of the prisoner put a sandbag under the weight of which he was leaning, hung on their own hands. Al-Dzhamadi died an hour after the beginning of the interrogation.

At least three CIA employees came under investigation in connection with the deaths of prisoners. Earlier, U.S. officials acknowledged the existence of secret CIA prisons and torture of prisoners. Representatives of the administration of Republican George W. Bush declared the justification for such action, and former U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney called the torture legitimate need.

August 31. In the U.S. state of California police have arrested three people suspected of murdering a woman for sexual reasons. With the victim murdered after she refused to take part in a sadomasochistic party thrown by her new friend.

September 1. Texas court sentenced a 59-year-old Ricky Moore to a sentence of 52 life terms for sexual acts with minors. Against an American pedophile was charged on 52 counts

September 2. Training aircraft L-39 Albatros crashed in the U.S. state of Iowa in front of thousands of visitors to the air show, pilot killed.

Their customs-26

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