Their customs-29 (16 — 30 September)

September 18. Revelation of U.S. presidential candidate in a meeting with private sponsors, recorded on hidden camera

Nearly half of American voters — the freeloaders: they do not pay income taxes, do not want to take responsibility for their own lives and believe that they must take care of the government, so never vote for the candidate of the Republican Party.

September 18. Military, police, doctors and civil servants U.S. will train the terrorist threat to the zombies — this idea occurred to the organizers of the Forum on Public Safety. Details of know-how company HALO Corp. did not disclose, but stressed: Americans need to be ready for any, even the most unlikely threat. According to the scenario on Earth begins epidemic virus that devours human brain. In these circumstances, the responsible departments will practice their skills to combat the pandemic.

September 20. In a California prison inmates rioted. As a result, at least 11 prisoners were injured.

September 20. In Texas, the offender was executed by Robert Wayne Harris, who murdered 12 years ago, five people at a car wash, where he was fired a few days before the crime.

September 21. In the U.S., because of the broken pump stopped nuclear power plant Three Mile Island, which in 1979 was the largest accident in the history of the U.S. nuclear power industry. As explained by the operator of the reactor automatically shut down due to a fault of one of the four pumps cooling system. Recall that exactly one month ago, the same reactor was shut down because of leaks in the water supply system.

September 21. In the U.S., a verdict sect "barber-rapists" who terrorized the Amish community. The Amish give hair a special religious significance. For violent sectarian cutting hair especially humiliating. According to the traditions of the Amish, drawn from the Bible, once married men supposed to let their beards and women are barred from cutting hair. 66-year-old leader of the group barber Samuel Mullet and 16 of his followers raided the homes of Amish and otstrigli at the root of their beards. Now they face for it for 10 years in prison.

September 21. Obama has appointed a former Playboy model U.S. Special Envoy to the UN.

September 21. At Bronx Zoo (New York) tiger attacked a young man has fallen into the cage out of the train, which was moving on the monorail over the territory of the zoo.

September 23. The U.S. military has killed a colleague due to hiccups. 22-year-old U.S. military base Fort Hood was killed in the evening, when he and colleague Patrick Myers (Patrick Myers) watching football and drinking alcohol. According to the testimony of the gunman, he sent Young gun to scare a colleague, and thus get rid of the hiccups. However, he believed that the gun is loaded with blanks.

September 23. Affected by the Colorado shooter sued the owner of the theater. Three of the injured complained about the lack of security.

September 25. In the U.S., sentenced 44-year-old former teacher and professor of biology Amy Bishop, who was found guilty of triple murder. A woman in a massacre alma mater because the school administration refused to renew her contract of employment.

September 25. During the three weeks of September in New York's parks were raped two girls and two pensioners (one of which 73 years).

September 25. Court of Appeals in New Orleans overturned its own decision, taking off from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers responsible for the damage caused to the city by Hurricane "Katrina". The first decision on the claim of the victims to the U.S. Army was made by the District Court in 2009. The judge agreed with the plaintiffs, who argued that the Corps of Engineers did not pay enough attention as a channel connecting New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico. In particular, they argued that because of the actions of the military who have committed a number of errors deteriorated levees along the canal, which at the time of the hurricane not stand the pressure of the water and broke.

September 26. In the tax return number 1 fighter with Russia Mitt Romney provides more proof that he was an investor in "Gazprom" and "Yandex".

September 27. 13-year-old American in a suit from the comic supervillain shot himself in front of the whole school.

September 27. The organization "Boy Scouts of America" report to law enforcement agencies of all previously disclosed cases of sexual violence against children by their employees. To do this, "Boy Scouts of America" will have to review confidential files that make up the 1950's to the present day. We are talking about approximately five thousand cases of alleged violence against children by the staff and volunteers of the organization.

September 28. Model-reference Jeffrey Sinclair military general accused of multiple rapes of their female subordinates.

September 28. At least two people were killed and four others were hospitalized in a shootout in one of the office buildings in downtown Minneapolis — as is traditional for the laid-off employees say goodbye to their U.S. counterparts

September 29. American channel Fox News showed a live police chase that ended in suicide pursued the driver.

September 29. In the U.S., a school teacher Geoffrey Giuliano shot 15-year-old son, not recognizing him in the mask.

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