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In Switzerland in 2013, will begin collecting signatures for a referendum that will decide the fate of the refugees will collect all three gettolagerya no right to leave them in order to protect residents and visitors alike.

German undertaker-masochist lost the court sadist, which elicited his PIN-code from the card. After hearing the prosecution men and women an excuse to have declared that she acted within her profession, the court held that to establish for certain what was happening at the time of their meeting is not possible, because both the plaintiff and the defendant was under the influence of drugs, prostitutes and took all the charges .

In Norway, the murdered Russian student. The woman was one year old child. A former roommate of 26-year-old Russian woman, 45-year-old Swede, first kidnapped her, and when she tried to contact the police — killed. 

British police "neutralized" blind disabled person, taking his cane for a samurai sword. 61-year-old Colin Farmer went to the bar when police swooped pensioner literally. They shot at him with a stun gun, and then was put in handcuffs disabled. Later, the police have explained what happened that are designated by adopting a pensioner for armed samurai.

In Turkey, the 15-year-old orphan, got three months in a brothel, was raped by 100 men. The victim got into slavery by pimps after escaping from the orphanage, located in Istanbul. The girl was subjected to severe exploitation, forcing every day to serve visitors a brothel. The police found out that the number of rapists close to a hundred. Some of them were arrested.

In British schools conceived to introduce the study of pornography: it spoils the view of the real sex. In today's "too sexualized world" children do not lack the skills to cope with temptation, confident teachers. To fix this, students from 10 years to tell what they may come across on the internet and adolescents from 16 will be explained in detail than the "world of porn" is different from "the real world of sex."

In the UK, gay punished child support for lesbian donated sperm. Accountant-gay friend took pity on a lesbian who could not have children, and provided her with his sperm. Instead of gratitude for the birth of two daughters mother filed for child support and won a court. Now Accountant regrets not issued its donation of a legal agreement.

Three girls were killed after a Halloween party in Madrid. Girls celebrated the holiday in one of the entertainment centers of the Spanish capital. When someone threw in a 10-thousand crowd burning Fire, stampede started. Five girls were sent to the hospital. Two died on the way to the clinic, the third — in the waiting room.

In Poland, the woman killed six of her newborns. The bodies of four infants were found in the house where she lived with her roommate. They were walled up in different parts of the house — in the basement, the attic, in the stable. The fifth body has not been found, but it is known that the baby was dead. The fate of the sixth child turns. 

In London, a gang of robbers on three motorcycles drove straight to the mall and cleaned out the boutique.

Europe's largest brothel will open in Austria 150 employees and 1,000 visitors a day. Businessman, invented the institution, to be called FunMotel, intends to eclipse the glory of the Cologne 12-storey brothel Pascha. In addition to the room with the girls in the brothel are restaurants, a spa and even a gym.

Belgian avant-garde set off on the run after the presentation, during which cats were thrown on the stairs. Performance in the City Hall of Antwerp has caused a flurry of indignation animal advocates. Artist received 20,000 letters with threats, seven times on him attacking strangers with bats, and now he is forced to constantly change the address.

Evacuation drills with the Finnish ferry ran massive injuries: people kept a 10-meter height. Crew lowered by almost vertical chute system Marine Evacuation System. Despite regular injuries, continued to exercise until the ferry crew members did not flatly refused to dive into the gutter.

In Austria, the judge 34-year old Hispanic business woman, who hid the dismembered bodies of their husbands in the ice-cream. Woman dealt with her first husband in 2008 — did not like that he continued to live with her after the divorce. Two years later Estibalis killed and his next chosen one who cheated on her with other women. She dismembered corpses chainsaw and hid in the basement of his cafe.

Swedish resident accused of sex with a skeleton — she faces up to two years in prison. A woman gathered the bones of the skeleton itself, belonging to different people. In her house were found numerous photographs of tombs and chapels, as well as instructions for necrophilia. The defendant contends that it moved only an interest in history and archeology. Where in the house as her bones, is still unknown.

"Swedish Breivik", which killed immigrants in Malmo, received a life sentence. By law, the neo-Nazis threatened to Peter Mangsit only 18 years in prison, but the court decided that a life sentence is less than he deserves. For several years, the offender "hunted" in the city on dark-skinned people. One day, along with immigrant-southerner and he shot 20-year-old Swede.

In London, the deranged naked man gave acrobatic performance on the monument. Troublemaker climbed the monument to Prince George, Duke of Cambridge on the main street of Whitehall. At first it took for the protest.

Breivik called the Norwegian prison where he is being held, a "mini Abu Ghraib." Terrorist complained that the guards give him a cold coffee, do not give him a table lamp for reading, give him a little candy and inspect it every day with a full strip.

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