Their customs. Issue number 1 (1 — January 15)

On the night of January 1 to Arkansas dropped dead a few thousand blackbirds. According to the official authorities — it was a reaction to the explosions of firecrackers blackbirds. At the noise of the birds rose into the night sky and the dark ran across a variety of obstacles: trees, power lines, etc.

January 4 Texas police shot dead a teenager who threatened them with a pneumatic gun. Police caused her to school leadership. Slain student was walking down the hallway with a gun in his hand. Calls on the police to drop their weapons did not react. He was killed after pointing a gun at the side of law enforcement.

January 10. In America, the scandal erupted after the publication of the journalist of York Times New Jodi Kantor. According to the publication the couple Obama in the midst of the economic crisis in the walls of the White House organized a lavish Halloween party. Among the guests were Johnny Depp (who met the guests in costume Hatter from "Alice in Wonderland"), George Lucas, Tim Burton, and others.

January 10. Police arrested an employee of Medicine, who was raped in an ambulance 22-year-old girl, who was in an unconscious state.

January 11. The world community is plunged into shock on the content of video made public on the Internet. It war the U.S. Army occupying Afghanistan, celebrate small need for the three dead Afghans.

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