Their customs. Issue number 10 (14 — 21 April)

April 10. Young Britons went to eat McDonald's.

April 16. Edition «The New York Times» has published the shocking details — in the U.S. Army suicides are 25 times greater than the dead on the battlefield. Each year among veterans of military operations recorded 6,500 cases of suicide (1 suicide every 80 minutes). This is more than the total number of U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq since the beginning of military operations (in 36 hours killed one soldier).

April 17. Expert of the Council on Foreign Relations, U.S. Micah Zenko announced the results of a survey among employees of the Pentagon. The questionnaire contained only two questions: whether the school win in Afghanistan and win it? It turned out that half of the respondents believed victory possible, but almost no one believes in achieving it in practice.

April 18. U.S. police arrested a 6-year-old girl for violent behavior at school. The girl was taken to the police station in handcuffs.

April 18. "I am very sorry about this. I was wrong. It will not happen "- said the King of Spain justifying to their taxpayers arranged for their money hunt elephants in Botswana.

April 18. In the United States arrested an employee of the City Administration Dixon for misappropriation! 30 million dollar budget. Taxpayers' money to start up an official in including the maintenance of the stable with stalls for 150 horses, for the purchase of caravans for $ 2.1 million of the convertible, buying jewelry, etc.

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